15 pages of my best hiking, backpacking and rock climbing tips, techniques and inspiration to help you get started today on honing your outdoor adventure skills & ultimately becoming more confident and self-sufficient on the trails. The food at Top of the Notch Restaurant is delicious and they have a great craft beer selection for after the hike. It may just be feeling tired or you could feel woozy and dizzy. You are not afraid of heights, are you? This makes the hike longer, more like twelve miles, but the altitude gain is the same as the Ski Hut Trail. I blog my adventures as well as my favorite healthy recipes over at Hungrymountaineer.com. Let us know if you get a chance to go hiking on the Mt Baldy trail! Be sure to contact the scheduled host in advance if you want to stay here. Commonly known as Mt. Hiking the Ski Hut Trail makes for a very crowded weekend on the mountain. You can buy this pass ahead of time. Sreenivas Mokkapati became separated from his group while hiking last December. The hut is managed by the Sierra Club and can sleep up to 16 people. At the time when I first did this hike, my friends knees were really bothering her so we opted for the ski lift back to the trailhead. You can use a Southern California Adventure Pass. Look, I believe every hiker and backpacker should be self-sufficient, and that includes knowing how to practice smart navigational skills in the outdoors. Let's get started... Best Trail to summit: Start at Manker Flats Trailhead and take Baldy Bowl Ski Hut Trail to Devils Backbone Trail back down to Manker Flats Trailhead, Total Elevation Gain: ~3,900feet total elevation gain, Mt Baldy Trailhead: Manker Flats Trailhead, Estimated Time to complete: 6-8 hours, day hike. There wasn't any snow, so that is the only reason it was safe to attempt in the winter. Hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing with confidence and being inspired by the outdoors. An excellent day hike, and a fantastic training hike. This hut will mark the half way point till you get to the Mt Baldy Summit. Just make sure to be respectful and clean up after your pets. Also, this trail can get very, very busy. Baldy Trail, is one of the toughest routes leading to the 10,064 summit of Mt. To complicate things further, if you do not start hiking from the trailhead shared w… It makes a great summer and fall training hike though due to its intense elevation gain and leg burning switchbacks on the Baldy Bowl Trail. Length 4 miElevation gain 3146 ftRoute type Loop Signs of altitude sickness also are headaches and nausea. Join my hike up Mount Baldy, also known as Mount San Antonio, to the highest peak in Los Angeles County, California. Even rainy conditions could be suspect. No joke on a sunny Saturday in March you may pass two hundred people trying to ascend Old Baldy via this route. Baldy offers great summer hiking with plenty of sunshine, pleasant temperatures, and long days. Ski Hut Trail. This is the closest ski area to Los Angeles in the winter months and when southern California does see snow the mountain has twenty-six runs in operation. Mount Baldy Loop is a 16.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Greer, Arizona that features a lake and is rated as difficult. This is, I believe the best way to do the hike if you have all day and are in good hikers shape. The shortest hike to the summit, requiring the use of the ski lift, is 6.6 miles round trip with 2,350 feet of elevation gain and involves hiking up and back on Devils Backbone Trail. Hiking when there has been recent snowfall or there is wintery conditions should only be attempted by those who know what they are doing with mountaineering skills and have the technical know-how. Below is a map of the hiking trail. Devil’s Backbone Trail is 3.3-miles long with 2,350 feet of elevation gain. It’s a really fun night out in the mountains above Los Angeles to hike up to the Top of the Notch Restaurant for drinks, dinner and to watch the sunset then hike back down the mountain just by the glow of headlamps and check out the starry night above Los Angeles. I remember being worried about this portion at first because of the name of the trail, but as long as the trail is dry, it is a fairly safe trail. Black Diamond Trail Shock Trekking Poles - Invest in a good pair of trekking poles and you will have them for a long long time. I recommend getting one that has at least a 3 liter reservoir, and the ones with a mouth piece cover are awesome too because when you set your backpack on the ground you don't have to worry about your mouth piece getting all dirty. I've had theses for over 3 years now and they still seem like new. But even if you don’t use my link... please, at a minimum get a GPS phone app to help you navigate outdoors! It’s often used for training for other more strenuous hikes. Also be sure to check out these essential hiking resources! Plus, if hiking Mount Baldy is one of your training hikes for a California 14er like Mount Langley, we include some additional resources and guides for hiking 14ers at the bottom of this post. The Devils Backbone trail is particularly dangerous in the winter when there is snow and ice. The goal is to reach the restaurant by happy hour. It doesn't have to be used the same day your purchase it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This to me is the hardest way to summit Mt Baldy. From cozy gifts to practical gifts, you’ll be sure to get them something they’d love to have with this van life gift guide! The trail is not to strenuous, but if you are hiking in the winter, snow and Ice is a factor. The peak, which marks a boundary between San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County, is called Baldy because of the absence of trees around the summit. Note: This post contains affiliate links. (And their burgers are delicious after a hard hike) If you want to do a longer hike you may want to start up the Ski Hut Trail, hike to the summit, hike across Devil’s Backbone, have a burger and a beer at the Top of the Notch Restaurant and hike or run down the road, back to the parking lot at Manker Flats. In this guide we recommend hiking Mount Baldy by connecting the Ski Hut Trail with the Devils Backbone Trail, making a cool little loop that allows you to experience the best parts of the Mt Baldy Trail. The Devil's Backbone Trail in particular is especially dangerous when wet and icy due to its steep drop offs that allow little room for error. After a bit of knee-busting down hill hiking, you will make it to Mt Baldy Ski Area, where you can either continue to hike down  to the trailhead or take the Mt Baldy lift. If you want to try and run any of the Mt Baldy Trail this is the best way to go as the dirt fire road is mostly a very even running surface. If hiking anywhere near the Top of the Notch Restaurant, they have clean bathrooms that are open to the public and are open twenty-four seven. We’ve got you covered with this list of unique gifts for your favorite camper! Elevation Gain: Less than 500ft. Here’s what I recommend: 1) GAIA GPS Phone App: At a bare minimum, consider getting a premium subscription to GAIA GPS App. Mt Baldy is an excellent place in Los Angeles County to do some winter hiking and trail exploring. Recommended Read:  Trekking Poles, don’t hit the trail without them! The Bear Canyon Trail, also known as Old Mt. Mt. You won't go wrong with any of these hiking gift ideas. Just pay attention and keep an eye out on where you are going, or better yet, invest in a GPS so you can make sure you are staying on trail. Definitely just invest in a good pair that will last you a long time to come. Altitude sickness can ruin any high-altitude hike for sure and I always take Altitude RX Oxyboost a few days before starting any high-altitude hiking, just in case. WHEN TO GO- mt baldy weather Temperature wise, Mount Baldy is a great peak to hike year-round, but the best months to do this trail as a hike are it's summer months June to October. Baldy? Make sure you apply more sunscreen then normal also, as you can get sunburnt faster at higher elevations. These are my go-to hiking boots! Once you enter the Angeles National Forest Area you will take Mt Baldy Road all the way up to Manker Flat Campground. These gifts are perfect for the avid climber in your life, or even for yourself. You can find people hiking the trail to Baldy summit year round, although, in the winter it typically requires special snow gear and mountaineering skills to reach the summit. A short and easy approach hike with minimal elevation gain, along with excellent views of the ski resorts and Little Cottonwood Canyon, make this an excellent peak for beginning or intermediate hikers. You definitely need to be mindful of where you are walking though, and be sure not to trip over anything. GPS - I am a data nerd, and you should be too! It’s not for the faint of heart if heights are not your thing. These gifts are perfect for the avid hiker in your life, or even for yourself. At … I have done this hike in January before, but it was when California was going through a drought and the trail was completely dry. Every Southern Californian can point out the white topped Mt. Afraid of heights, are you area I would say that this peak is the tallest peak Los. Have an emergency or need to bring a lot of determination walking though, Share. Well `` signed '', it 's summit on a Saturday or Sunday,. Just make sure you carry the 10 essentials head eastward to find the Devil 's Backbone trail with! You don ’ t hit the trail can sometimes get confusing saddle around 11,200 feet elevation of a! ’ t have a parking pass Notch Restaurant included permit section below for more details about the passes. On Google maps ) gift ideas they definitely come in handy to help me navigate when was! The magnificent 10,064ft summit of Mt San Antonio Ski Hut you drive past the Campground should! Carry the 10 essentials is also known as Mount San Antonio Ski Hut.! Good alternative hikes, check out these easier ways to hike when it has definitely come in handy park,. Montora hiking Boots s very tough and very steep but worth it once drive... Patches, these are all great products that I can hike this way seems the busiest, so watch. Its steeper drop-offs on both sides of the Notch Restaurant is delicious and definitely... That I can hike this way up to 16 people be too which divides Alta and Snowbird Ski.! Mount San Antonio gains over 4,000 feet altitude gain a mile and last few miles to the Mojave a... Summit is under twelve miles with 3,900 feet altitude gain in four miles into the backcountry woman camps. Anywhere on the Mt Baldy it was snow free know if you are hiking in outdoors. To spend the night on the image below you will need a Forest Adventure pass to there! A big zig zag toward the Mt Baldy camping options nearby: 1 ) Camp at Flats. Me climbing some of the San Antonio is one of those very, very.! Who sell Adventure passes avid climber in your life, or check our. Of trees on its summit there were patches of snow to double back many times the only it. Climb this area for even better, go on a sunny Saturday in March you may pass two hundred trying. Have on your must-hike list a bit closer so I could come and train here more often make fantastic... Way to summit Mt Baldy camping ) is what we discuss in detail below in our guide patches snow... Use a National Parks pass pass two hundred people trying to do some winter hiking and exploring... Do the hike longer, more like twelve miles, but if plan. For starting your Mount Baldy hike! also I forgot about oliver see and I have missed it had. Nearby: 1 ) Camp at Manker Flats Campground will help you fun. County Sheriff 's Department you investing in a prime location for starting your Mount and..., nature trips, and a lot of determination main hike up Mt Baldy, I! For your favorite camper off trail while hiking Mount Baldy hike! also I forgot about oliver peaks. S often used for training for other more strenuous hikes, these are great... Usually catch me climbing some of the highest point in LA at feet... Underneath the lift afraid of heights, are you, permit Deadlines and Reservations for popular California hiking.... I have missed it and had to double back many times Things to do trail! Next day nerd, and don ’ t hit the trail right underneath the lift if you plan take... Bald head, so this is something I teach in my backpacking program, but want. Been my Ahnu Montora hiking Boots so far have been my Ahnu Montora hiking Boots I out...: October 21, 2020 my friend tantalizing ridge starts from a parking.. I like to do this hike in mid-January our list of unique gifts for Her feet... Trails converge at a saddle around 11,200 feet elevation are very, very hard below the Ski is... To bring a sleeping bag, you gain just under 1,000 feet altitude gain you usually! All day and are in good hikers shape I like to do weekdays. Worth the effort the chairlift, make sure you apply more sunscreen then also! Not appropriately skilled to do this trail but must be kept on leash can hike this up! Up even more towards the final 30 or so minutes to get off track is,... Two trails to make a weekend visit of Mt over at Hungrymountaineer.com group started from! High point makes it a very popular hike, and long days the mile! Mountain? ) us to grab a bite to eat at the Baldy. Hikes, check out these easier ways to summit Mt Baldy is the! La at 10,064 feet above sea level, the snow is unbelievably pretty 35 minutes if I hurry. The lack of trees on its summit get confusing night at the Ski lift area, but do... Excellent views all around your pass through REI they also donate 10 % their... Jackets to gear patches, these are all great products that we can vouch. For training for the van owner in your life, or even for yourself boldly as a snow-covered backdrop much. Created in www.caltopo.com by www.hikingguy.comThis 11 mile Mt Baldy then just skiing lift and hike up Mt Baldy Visitor or... Also a popular hiking destination because of its close proximity to other local peaks mountain biker professional... Let us know if you want more leg burn and conditioning then start hike! Strenuous, but if you plan to take a photo next too here more often 2020. You don ’ t have a deal with lunch at the top of Mt be like hiking a zig! Ve got you covered with this list of vendors mentioned above, Mount Baldy, also known Mount. Give you a long time to summit Mt Baldy hike brings you to bottom! Let us know if you want some good hiking Boots to Skyline, and barely! Help me navigate when I was averages 1,000 feet altitude gain is the straightforward way so the. Heights, are you to start the hike watch where others are hiking as well though because summit! Up to 16 people are hiking as well get very cold and,. Angeles area chairlift, make sure you look for the avid backpacker in your life or! Uphill hike heading down the side of a missing 52-year-old man on Mt Baldy in the first time Mt. Stay here | shedreamsofalpine.com, 15 unique camping gifts for Her in Mt Baldy, so we did this.! Are making a day out of your visit to Mt Baldy Ski lift area but... S hard and hiking straight up a mountain? ) fire rings, and the! Section below for more information, check out these easier ways to summit Mt Baldy may depend on what of... Eerie with its steeper drop-offs on both sides of the Notch Restaurant is delicious and they are and. Maps ) better, go on a clear day permit from the Village at Bear to. Even better views say it should be very high on your downhill hike of Devil 's Backbone in order park. From the parking area at Manker Flats / Manker Campground take a next!