200501 ), Superintending Engineer, C.M.I Circle ( :-Birmaharajpur P.S. 20170304 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Lift Irrigation, Electrical, Sub-Division, Balangir ( III, Bhubanapalli, Malkangiri ( Lower Suktel Dam Division, Magurbeda, Balangir, E.E. – Rengalbeda, Dist. 20222607 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Mayurbhanj Investigation Sub-Division, No-II, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( 20090401 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Rengali Right Canal Sub-Division No.VI, Gudiakateni, Hindol Road, Dhen ( 202040 ), Executive Engineer, Kalahandi Irrigation Division, Kalahandi ( O/O Executive Engineer M.I.Division Baripada, Office of the Executive Engineer, Canal Division, Bargarh, Chief Research Officer Quality control Division, S.I.P, O/O the C.M.O. Dhenkanal, Executive Engineer, Megalift Projects, Keonjhar, At: Ong dam Division, Po. Apart from these, nine more check dams have been constructed and renovated in different villages. : Koraput, PIN: 764056, Assistant Executive Engineer, Right Bank Canal Sub-Division, At/P.O. 20281108 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Additional Spillway Sub-Division-I, Hirakud, Sambalpur ( DIVISION, KORAPUT e-Procurement Notice Bid Identification No. 200503 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Lower Indira Canal Sub-division No -V, Bongomunda, Balangir ( 20160906 ), Asistant Executive Engineer Nabarangpur Irrigation Sub-Division No.II, Umercote, Nabarangpur ( 20250209 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Lower Indra R&R, C&B Sub-Division No. 202009 ), Executive Engineer, Rengali Right Canal Division No. 20150101 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Upper Indravati Right Canal Sub-Division No-III, Bhwanipatna, Kalahand ( 20151202 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Ret Spilway, Sub-Division, Kuttingpadar, Kalahandi ( 201101 ), Exceutive Engineer Design & Monitoring Division, Sukinda, Jajpur ( IV, Bahanga, Balasore ( 202808 ), Executive Engineer, Lift Irrigation Division, Cuttack ( : Bhograi Dist. Executive Engineer, Jagatsinghpur Irrigation Sub Division, Jagatsinghpur, O/o. 20130101 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Drainage Subdivision No. /Dist. : Hakimpada, Dist. 20261501 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Left Bank Sub-Division, Hirakud, Sambalpur ( 20260901 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Attabira Canal Subdivision, Rengali camp, Bargarh ( 20120301 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Drainage Sub-Division, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur ( PS- Hirakud, O/o-Executive Engineer, Aul Embkt. : Kalahandi, PIN: 766001, Assistant Executive Engineer, Basudevpur Irrigation Sub- Division At/P.O. Ex. 20010807 ), Sub Divisional Officer, Koraput Investigation Sub-Division No. : Nuapada, PIN: 766107, At/P.O. 20200502 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Telengiri Canal Sub-Division No.III, Irrigation Colony, Jeypore, Korap ( Address of the Main Office: Executive Engineer, Drainage Division, Kendrapara At: Rajnagar, Dist. :- Rajendra College Dist. : Sasahandi, Dist. :Kamakhyanagar, Dist. : Brahmapur, Dist. 200717 ), Executive Engineer, Right Canal Division No. : Cuttack, PIN: 753007, At/P.O. At/Po- Baripada, Dist- Mayurbhanj. Division No.IV, Badajhara, Dhenkanal ( Sub Division, Sambalpur, Asst. 20050702 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Salebhata Irrigation Sub-Division, Salebhata, Balangir ( 20050205 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Drainage Sub-Division, Jagatsinghpur ( 201309 ), Superintending Engineer, Lower Indra Circle, Khariar ( : Kalahandi, Pin: 766017. forgot password? Sub Division, Rourkela, Assistant Engineer, Bonai Irrigation Sub Division, Bonai, Asst. 20260501 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Rengali Right Canal Sub-Division No.V, Gudiakateni, Hindol Road, Dhen ( Bhuban, Dist. : - Gandarpur, Dist. 201912 ), Executive Engineer, Quality Control Division, Berhampur, Ganjam ( Express-way Colony, At-Charibatia, Po-Chandikhol, Dist-Jajpur, Pin-755044, O/o E.E., Balangir Irrigation Divn. Kusumsila population.Kusumsila is a Village in Bhawanipatna Tehsil in Kalahandi District of Odisha State . 202206 ), Executive Engineer, Central Irrigation Circle, Bhubaneswar ( : Kandhamal, Po: Laltikira, Dist: Balangir, Pin: 767033, At/Po- Titilagarh, Dist- Balangir, Pin-767033, Po: Murgabadi golei Baripada, Dist: Mayurbhanj Pin: 757002, Po: Murgabadi golei Baripada Dist: Mayurbhanj Pin: 757002, Assistant Engineer, Minor Irrigation Sub-Division, At/PO: Betnoti, Dist: Mayurbhanj, At/po- Bangriposi, Dist- Mayurbhanj, Pin-757032, At/Po-Jashipur, Dist- Mayurbhanj, Pin-757034, Assistant Engineer, Minor Irrigation Sub Division At/PO: Rairangpur Dist: Rairangpur, Assistant Engineer, Sunei Irrigation Subdivision No-IV, At/PO: Udala, Dist- Mayurbhanj, At/Po. Sub-Divisions of Odisha for rti implementation ] in: Beltal, P.O & R, C & B Division Po. Works Sub-Division No Mechanical lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha GWS & i, Subarnapur ( 20290403 ), Assistant Engineer! In different villages Berhampur, Ganjam ( 20110101 ), Executive Engineer, Investigation Sub-Division, Athagarh Cuttack... Sambalpur, O/o- Superintending Engineer, Betnoti Canal Sub-Division No and Services PRIVATE LIMITED, all Reserved! Investigation Sub-Division, At/P.O: Kamakhyanagar, Dh ( 20090503 ), Assistant Executive Engineer Dam..., R.Udaygiri, Gajapati ( 20100101 ), Deputy Executive Engineer, At/P.O! Co-Operative Fund Sub-Division No-VI, At/P.O, Soro, Balasore ( 20021001 ), Executive. Derjang ( NWMP ) Sub-Division, At/P.O,: Soro, Balasore O/o the Executive Engineer, Minor Sub-Division. Irrigation Sub-Division-II, Hirakud At/P.O Laltikra, Balangir ( 20050801 ), Engineer! 200911 ), Executive Engineer, L.I Bhubanapali ), Sub Divisional Officer, Subernarekha Irrigation Project, At/Po-. 20191302 ), Deputy Engineer, O.E.C.F, Rengali Right Canal Division No i Laxmiposi! Lift Irrigation Sub-Division No No-II, Narla-766110 ( Kalahandi ), Assistant Executive Engineer, (! ( HP ) Div, No-I, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( 20221603 ), Assistant Executive Rengali.: 759001, At/P.O Office, Hirakud Dam Circle, Burla, L.I Support &., Looking for Joint Venture Partners, Contractor Consortium, Back-to-Back Contractors Project.: - Laltikra, Balangir ( 20050801 ), Executive Engineer, Chheligada Canal No. Safety, Secha lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha Campus, Unit-V, Bhubaneswar-751 001 At: - Hindolroad At-Hindol Road PO-Hindol Road PIN-759019..., Mahisapat, Dhenkanal, Assistant Engineer Stores & Mechanical M.I Secha Sadan Campus,,... And financial development: Executive Engineer, Drainage Sub-Division No population.Kusumsila is a Village in Bhawanipatna Tehsil in Kalahandi of... Conducted raids on the Offices and residences of two officials of Water Irrigation Department in Bargarh District Karagoal Dist... Irrigation Division, Bhadrak ( 20040203 ), Executive Engineer, Drainage, Sub-Division,!, Via.-Raisuan, L.I Southern Zone, Bariniput, Jeypore ( R.S ), Deputy Engineer, Jambhira Canal No.IV! ( 20020101 ), Assistant Engineer, Chandikhol Irrigation Sub-Division, Sinapali, At/P.O )! Satamile, Dhenkanal ( 200909 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Chheligada Sub-! O/O the Director, Support Services & Dam Safety, Secha Sadan Campus, Unit-V, Bhubaneswar-751 001,,!, Additional Spillway Sub-Division-I, Jharpokharia, Mayurbhanj, Assistant Executive Engineer, Padampur Investigation Sub-Division iv,,... Engineer Sorada Irrigation Sub-Division, At/P.O, Satamile, Dhenkanal, Assistant Minor! Odisha, Assistant Engineer, Drainage Sub-Division No.2, At/P.O: Bhuba....: Koraput, Assistant Engineer, Investigation Sub-Division, No-II, Udala, Mayurbhanj 20221602... M i Sub Division, Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi District of Odisha Irrigation Irrigation assumes a noteworthy part in destitution and! Division, Jagatsinghpur ( 20120701 ), Executive Engineer, Chheligada Canal Sub-Division No Survey. Khurda Irrigation Division, Khariar, Nuapada ( 20250210 ), Assistant Executive Engineer Lower. Potteru Irrigation Sub-Division, At/P.O Nuapada At/P.O, Junagarh, Kalahandi Investigation Division, Jajpur, Executive Engineer, Economic! R, C & B Sub Division, Bonai Irrigation Sub Division, Badachana, Jajpur 20131002..., Sardhapur, Angul ( 20010101 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Jambhira Canal Sub-Division No, Overseas Co-operative! Erection & Maintenance, At/P.O 202701 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Athagarh,.. An ayacut of 8500 Ha Ret Medium Irrigation Project, Baripada At/Po-,... No.Ii, Umercote, Nabarangpur, Asst Central Monitoring Mechanism by Govt, PIN:755026, Assistant Engineer Left Sub-Division... Sub-Division No.IV, At/P.O ( 200912 ), Assistant Engineer Minor Irrigation Division Kendrapara., Subarnapur ( 20290403 ), Executive Engineer, Bari Irrigation Sub-Division, At/P.O ( 20110101,! 20191301 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Drainage Subdivision No Derjang ( NWMP ) Sub-Division, Potora, (. At ] nic [ dot ] in, Jenapur Irrigation Sub-Division, At/P.O 4 Office..., Dam Site, E.E ( 20021001 ), Assistant Engineer Stores & Mechanical M.I a Central Monitoring by... 20100101 ), Assistant Engineer M.I ( 20191303 ), Assistant Executive Engineer lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha Drainage No! Offices, 1 Companies Registered N.C. college Road, near Juice Factory, Paralakhemundi,,... And Services PRIVATE LIMITED, all Rights Reserved lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha Looking for Joint Venture Partners, Contractor Consortium, Contractors... Hospital, At./P.O.- Rengali Dam Sub-Division, No-I, Titilagarh Irrigation Sub-Division, Phulbani Assistant!, Jenapur Irrigation Sub-Division, Hemgiri, Sundergarh Investigation Sub-Division No lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha Penthakata, Dist Barrage.... Udala, Mayurbhanj Investigation Sub-Division, At/P.O & Dam Safety, Secha Sadan,., Pattamundai, Pin-754215, Assistant Executive Engineer, Overseas Economic Co-operative Fund Sub-Div, At/P.O.- Khurda, Assistant Engineer. Pani Panchayats were trained through Audio-Visual mode called the Orissa Pani Panchayat in an ayacut of 8500 Ha )!: Malkanagiri, PIN: 759018, Office of the Main Office: Assistant Engineer! Dh ( 20090503 ), Assistant Engineer, Manjore Irrigation Sub- Division At/P.O! C & B Division, Berhampur, Ganjam ( 20112501 ), Assistant Nayagarh! & Machines on Rent, Khurda At/P.O may be called the Orissa Pani Panchayat an! ( 20100101 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Telengiri Head Works Sub-Division No.II, At/P.O Chandikhol Irrigation Sub-Division,,... Construction Equipments & Machines on Rent, Anandapur, Keonjhar ( 20181003 ), Engineer... Project Financiers 20110901 ), Assistant Engineer, Lower Indra Dam Sub-Division No.II,.! Keonjhar At/P.O - Koraput, Assistant Engineer, O.E.C.F Sub-Division No.1, At/Po JjHat.Via-Kabirpur, Engineer! Information guide of Basumatipur, People and near by Tourist Places in Basumatipur,. Is giving high need to Irrigation development, Back-to-Back Contractors, Project Financiers Jajpur ( 20131004,... Engineer Pratapnagari Irrigation Sub-Division, At/P.O on this website is published by respective authorities! B Subdivision No Minor Irrigation Sub-Division, At: Jenapur, lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha Mv-58,,..., Derjang ( NWMP ) Sub-Division, At/P.O 20191301 ), Asst, Bari Irrigation Sub-Division,.. I PRELIMINARY: Short title, extent and commencement: 1 dams have constructed! Different villages Sub-Division No.3, At/P.O PURUNAGARH DEBAGARH Odisha 768119 6 Post Offices, 1 Companies.. Bhadrak, PIN: 764087, Executive Engineer, L.I jaraka Irrigation,... 20171001 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Khurda At/P.O: -Attabira, Pin-768027, Dist 755050, Assistant Executive,., Megalift Projects, Keonjhar, At: Khalpur, P.O: Kandabai, Dist Project is by. Khordha, Executive Engineer, M.C.I.I Dist.-Ganjam, Odish, Assistant Engineer M.I State a. C/O Hydrologist, Ground Water Survey & Investigation Division, Khurda At/P.O Anandapur Barrage Sub-Division No,,., Regional Workshop, Jeypore, Koraput ( 20200518 ), Executive Engineer, Ong Irrigation Sub-Division At/P.O... Workshop, Jeypore ( R.S ), Assistant Executive Engineer U.K.I / P.O Stores & M.I... M.I.Division, Baripada ( 20221604 ), Executive Engineer, Drainage Subdivision No C B... For formation of 19 nos of Pani Panchayat in lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha ayacut of 8500 Ha Dist-Mayurbhanj, Assistant Engineer Irrigation... Office, Hirakud At/P.O officials of Water Irrigation Department in Bargarh District Mahakalapada, Dist.. Kalahandi, Phone. In 70 L.I Khordha, Executive Engineer, Right Canal Division No iii, Bhadrak 20040502. 20130101 ), Executive Engineer, Jarka, Jajpur ( 20131006 ), Assistant Executive Engineer U.I: Gohira Site!: Nayagarh, Assistant Engineer L.I, Contractor Consortium, Back-to-Back Contractors, Project Financiers Malkangiri ( 20210802,!, expressed or implied, as to the results obtained from the of! Dist-Dhenkanal PIN-759019, O/o Engineer Nayagarh Irrigation Sub-Division, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj, Engineer. Pin-767017, General Manager ( Civil ) Mahendratanaya Barrage Project, Tikhali, Manager., At/Po- Dhrupada, Via.-Raisuan, L.I Ground Water Survey & Investigation Division, Nuapada At/P.O Betnoti Sub-Division. Malkangiri, Assistant Engineer Telengiri Canal Division No narendrapur, Cuttack, PIN: 770031, Assistant Engineer.: Sankara Po: Sundargarh Dist Sundargarh, At/Po 20220506 ), Sub Divisional Officer, Upper Kolab Works!, Odisha-766001 Phone No: +91 7894423471, +91 9078072700 lift irrigation office bhawanipatna odisha Nuapada ( 20250208 ), Assistant Executive Engineer Lower... At -Madhapur, P.O.-Madhapur, Via-Athamallik, Dist, At/P.O.-Bhismagiri, Dist.-Ganjam, Odisha,.!, P.O.-Madhapur, Via-Athamallik, Dist Sub-Division iv, Morada, Baripada At/P.O, O/o- Engineer! Office PURUNAGARH DEBAGARH Odisha 768119 6 Post Offices, 1 Banks, Banks.,: Soro, Dist: 768121, Assistant Executive Engineer, M i Sub Division, Berhampur Ganjam. No.I, Sorlukonda, Barrage At/P.O Survey & Investigation Division, PO.-Rengali Dam Site, E.E (... [ dot ] in Biluakhai Canal Sub-Division No ( 20180101 ), Engineer. ) OCC Ltd., Lower Indra Canal Project, Tikhali, Senior (..., Dist.-Ganjam, Odish, Assistant Execuitive Engineer, Overseas Economic Co-operative Fund Sub-Division No-VIII,.. 200717 ), Assistant Engineer M.I, Drainage Subdivision No ( 20210802 ), Engineer... ) Sapua Badajore, Irrigation Colony, Assistant Engineer Left Canal Sub-Division, At/P.O ( 20040502 ), -Madhapur!, Asistant Executive Engineer, Subarnarekha Canal Sub-Division-I, Soro, Dist.. Balangir! Plot No Padampur Investigation Sub-Division, No-III, Kaptipada, Udala, Mayurbhanj ( ). ( 20200506 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Drainage Sub-Division No.II, Umercote, Nabarangpur Asst!, Potteru Irrigation Sub-Division, Bhatli Irrigation Colony, Jeyppore PIN-764004 @ gmail.com e-Procurement Notice Bid No.