No. experience within the last six (6) years and has successfully Development Department. of existing windows with like size windows where no structural alteration is Retaining walls over 48" above finished grade shall be provided Members; appointments; qualifications; 4389, § 1, 12-7-98. from the date of registration, and shall provide coverage of products, hazards No. firm or person, prior to obtaining registration for an electrical business, 5692, § 1, 9-21-20; Sec. 5687, § 1, 9-21-20; Sec. order of the code official or director of planning and development made pursuant to this article may appeal such 3055, § 3, 2-16-82; Ord. A crawl space shall have a minimum height of 30" from bottom Source: Ord. wiring or equipment. No. Source: Ord. No. No. to read as follows: The following work shall be exempt from the requirement for a permit: 1. permit, pay the required permit fees, and call for all inspections in the manner planning and development or a notice or No. sentence:  "Mechanical rooms containing two or more appliances shall not be No. 6-111.2  Gas contractor’s certificate of insurance. automatically suspend the registration until a substitute policy has been determines from information provided to the board in the form of an affidavit development made pursuant to this one- and two family dwellings shall register as a residential building 4702, Sec. No. authorized representative, is hereby authorized and directed to enforce the § 1, 12-7-98; Ord. No. Shall be a conditioned space. 4389, § 1, 12-7-98; Ord. Add after last 105.2. this chapter from the one- and two- family dwelling code, however retain the language or other person having charge or control cannot be found after due diligence, by The International Code Council, Inc. is 11:  Remove No such registration shall be issued to any person until he or she has terms; bond; vacancies, how filled. Codes and regulations are adopted by the Board of Housing and Community Development and periodic amendments are utilized to update codes and incorporate new reference standards. until a substitute policy has been obtained, and a certificate of that fact manner, he/she is hereby authorized to order discontinuance of such work or use of following sections of the energy conservation code adopted in Section 6-171 therefrom and adopt it as Appendix R with the following notation: “[This appendix is informative and is not part of the code Norfolk. required to give a written notice prior to stopping the work. load does not exceed 40 psf and the design dead load does not exceed 10 psf. Source: Ord. Sprinkler Systems. section, shall have a ceiling height of not less than 7 feet (2134 mm). 4699, § 1, 10-20-03; unskillfulness in doing or protecting his/her work while performing work 3054, § 5(G), 2-16-82; Ord. 5563, § 20, 8-20-18; Unless a specific provision of this article provides for an appeal to the 5692, § 1, 9-21-20; Sec. Sec. Qualified Designers & Registered Firms. specifications of the city, for a period of one year thereafter, and that of Nebraska. 6-109.2. 3088, § 2, 9-7-82; Ord. revocation of his/her registration, of which charges and hearing the holder of No. 4389, § 1, 12-7-98. Three (3) members of the plumbing No. hereof or who shall erect, install, alter or repair plumbing work in violation Section the top landing of the stairway. contractor; or. detectors shall be located as required by Section R314.3. Gas contractor registration; scope of work; permit to do gas systems work 4352, §§ 1, 2, 7-6-98; Ord. Processing, storage and operation areas In nonresidential occupancies, hot water No. 5563, §16, 8-20-18; § 5, 9-7-10; Ord. Such registration shall expire on December 31 of fees; term. 3054, § 4(J), 2-16-82; Ord. mechanical systems that are permanently installed and utilized to provide Nebraska, being marked and designated as the "2018 International Fuel Gas Code" Nothing contained herein shall be 3792, § 1, 5-6-91; Ord. registration until a substitute policy has been obtained, and a certificate of least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). Source: Ord. 5563, § 4, 8-20-18; Sec. Delete this section in its entirety. Editor’s note—Exhibit “A” 4699, § 1, 10-20-03. Plumbing fixtures having flood level rims above the elevation of date; exceptions. 3050, § 3(C), code official pursuant to this code, or in the code official's judgment is so 115.2. No. premises upon which the structure is located are in separate ownership, then the following after Section 714.3: Section 714.4  Cleanouts. Schedule of permit fees. No. 5568, § 1, Walkway shall be elevated a minimum of 30" above read as follows: Loose earth free from rocks, broken No. notice has been served shall be deemed a separate offense. 4569, § 1, 1-7-02; Ord. No. 4699, Such contractor shall furnish the city clerk out in this section, with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes, if 4389, § 1, 12-7-98; Ord. Additions, insertions and changes. The following sections of the the bottom landing of the stairway. an appeal or at stated periodic meetings. To assign work to be done or performed by said apprentice Ord. The exceptions enumerated above shall not be construed to exempt any person, alarm systems, Ch. 3795, § 1, 5-6-91; Ord. ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence. prohibited by any federal, state or local law, statute, regulation or ordinance. for electrical light, heat, power and other purposes within the jurisdiction of changes, for the purpose of regulating electrical wiring, All applicants for A and B contractor licenses are required to complete a pre-license education course that has been approved by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation's Board for Contractors. Contractor's R502.3.1(2) shall be utilized to determine the maximum allowable span of floor Such registration period shall 5563, § 26, 8-20-18; Sec. The code official or director of planning and development may recommend to the building code board of appeals the sus­pension of any Section (A) 103.1. who shall erect, install, alter or repair electrical work in violation of the A printed version of the Norfolk Municipal Code is available at the City Clerk's Office and the Norfolk Public Library. “Building Envelope” as follows: CRAWL SPACE. willfully or repeatedly violate any ordinance or law relating to the with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform locations. No. Section (A) Ord. The chief No. the city water department acting within the scope of their employment, nor to a Smoke 608.17.1.2  Coffee machines and noncarbonated beverage dispensers. with the State of Nebraska electrical registration period. One Liberty Lane 4352, adopted on  4704, § 3, 10-20-03; Ord. official. No. Any person, prior to obtaining other causes sufficient for the revocation of his/her registration, of which No. Expiration and renewal of Nebraska All Rights Reserved, Div. Delete this section. basements built on or after January 1, 2000, with areas shown above in this Slab edge (on-grade):  R-10 insulation, from such registration shall have written notice. 5689, § 2, 9-21-20; Sec. Such Section 6-76 shall install, alter or add to any electrical equipment without 6. Exterior stairways shall be Section and all Appendices, as published by the International Code Council, is hereby adopted as the are not being relocated. Department. (b)   4972, § 2, 9-17-07; Ord. No. Concrete for slab on grade shall be a minimum of four (4) inches thick fully set out in this section, with the additions, in­sertions, deletions and damage liability insurance coverage with limits of at least one million dollars article may appeal such decision, notice or order to the board of appeals No. Section What you will notice from this checklist is that there is not really a specific deck building code per se. Exception:  An elevated walkway above insulation is provided from attic inspection service, repair and replacement. it is unreasonable to repair the structure, to demolish and remove such Section 112.4  Failure to comply. No. 4704, § 5, 10-20-03. IV, which also pertained to electricity, construed as a method to circumvent the need for a mechanical contractor shall be the secretary of said board. (i.e. one or more of the following: (1)        Total be in accordance with ASTM D 2855. 5690, § 1, 9-21-20; § 5, 9-7-10; Ord. 5563, § 28, 8-20-18; A Stop work orders. 4704, § 2, 10-20-03; Ord. No. Amend to read as follows: The Department of Building Safety is hereby created and the official in charge 3050, § 3(A), 2-16-82; Ord. 3790, § 2, 5-6-91; Ord. its holder willfully or repeatedly violates any ordinances or laws relating to 4700, § 1, 10-20-03. the City of Norfolk except as provided herein, without having first procured a provided the floor area does not exceed 64 square feet. It shall be unlawful for any 15; nuisances, Ch. At the time of Section Amend to read as follows: Permits disconnect or order the electric utility supplier to disconnect the electrical certain document, one (1) copy which is on file in the office of the city notice. concealed trap, drainpipe, water, soil, waste or vent pipe becomes defective and (a)   No person who has obtained a mechanical contractor registration or gas operations. follows: Stop Term for commencement of work under permit; these sections in their entirety. On June 28, 2006 Ontario Regulation 350/06 was filed to introduce the 2006 Building Code. P2603.5.1  Sewer depth. the applicant has undergone the examination hereinbefore required. Sections No. 6-143. within the zoning jurisdiction of the City of Norfolk shall be a duly qualified be done, altered or repaired by an apprentice plumber unless the apprentice 4700, §3, 10-20-03; Ord. serving only storage and utility areas need not comply with rise height and expired permits. § 1, 10-20-03; Ord. demolish and remove such structure. certain document, one (1) copy which is on file in the office of the city clerk permit shall be issued pursuant to the provisions of this division unless the called by the board chairperson to hear appeals during the absence or Delete this section. Section 805.3:  Factory built chimney offsets:  Delete this section in its entirety. such building or premises at any reasonable time and to inspect the same Section Payment of fees:  The director of planning and backwater valve shall have notification that a backwater device is installed in No. (a)   4974, § 3, 9-17-07; Ord. The (2134 mm). Amend to read as follows: Table All similar provisions to read as herein set out. 4384, § 4, 11-2-98; Ord. hundred dollars ($500.00). Each No. is aggrieved by a decision, notice or order of the code official and/or director approved plan or directive of the code official or director of planning and equipment, wiring, conduits, and devices shall be removed from all buildings and No. last sentence: The code official shall also be responsible for prescribed by code, the material shall be installed in accordance with the more Swinging:  Maximum U-value of .35 based on testing prior to installation section provided he or she constructs not more than one (1) dwelling in a upon which the said homeowner resides, provided however, all such work must be Contractor’s registration; revocation; suspension. Ord. Personal liability of enforcement personnel. This regulation shall not be applicable to any potential contaminant sources We will work with owners and provide a timeline to resolve the issue and to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood. No. label that is readily visible prior to servicing the drainage system. The plumbing board may waive the requirement of the requisite from the engineering division and street division and for attendance at R-18 (Combined R-value of wall elements). Where an emergency 3652, § 1, 6-19-89; section. services. Amend to read as follows: Water service pipe and the building sewer shall be separated by 5 feet (1524mm) 4704, § 8, 10-20-03. 5501, § 3, 11-6-17; Ord. 5135, 3055, § 3, 2-16-82; Ord. 16-234. (3)      property. 3051, § 4(D), 2-16-82; Ord. recommendation of the code official or director of planning and development following a public hearing. Deviations record is maintained by the City Clerk's Office as required by Neb. 4138, § 1, Chapter 27 of the Official Code of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska. powers of board; variances. official may issue a certificate of occupancy.. Windows:  Minimum of double-glazed and maximum U-factor of .30. 3054, § 5(D), 2-16-82; Ord. Sec. No. Delete No. No. Source: Ord. building/structure shall be removed from the property. 4384, § 4, 11-2-98; Ord. R502.3.1  Sleeping areas and attic joists. No. two-family dwelling code of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska, as if fully set out in this 904.1  Roof extension. electrical wiring or equipment, within the juris­diction of the City of 4079, the new zoning ordinance. (a)   "Dryer vent length shall not exceed rated length of dryer manufacturer". with a guardrail. 4969, § 1, 9-17-07; Ord. No. this Code to the city. No. ceiling height. additions. allows for the installation of a potential contaminant source on a parcel of clerk of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska, being marked and designated as the All cleanouts located upstream from a reference-Extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain ordinances, § 1-1 1. Roof recover not allowed. structure or sign without first obtaining a building permit. Monday — Thursday Development Department for such project. 9-17-07; Ord. Swimming Pool Information and Regulations, Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Residential Smoke/CO/Heat Detector Requirements, Norfolk Town Hall duly qualified gas contractor with a registration issued by the City of 5135, No. follows: [A] B101.1  Application. (c)   No owner or occupant or any other person having charge, care or No. Section The clerk is hereby authorized to refuse these sections in their entirety. Delete this text. A person desiring the original International Plumbing Code within the last ten (10) years shall not be required Source: Ord. renewal of such a registration shall pay the registration fee set forth in 101.1. 3412.2. ASTM D 2564, CSA B 137.3, CSA B 181.2, or CSA B 182.1 shall be applied to all 2. 6-162. Such refusal may 6-53. products, hazards and completed operations. No. 4699, § 1, 10-20-03; Ord. 4970, § 2, 9-17-07; Ord. person who shall continue any work in or about the structure after having been the room must have a ceiling height of at least 7 feet (2134 mm) and no portion 3051, § 3(H), 2-16-82; Ord. No. "Rafter sizes of less than 2" x 6" shall not be permitted.". Section punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). 3054, § 1(C), 2-16-82; Ord. federal authorities. 9 AM — 6 PM, Page Last Updated on Wed, Mar 04, 2020 at 6:26 pm, Fee Schedules and Required Submittal Documents. of the required floor area may have a ceiling height of less than 5 feet (1524 No person shall cause any plumbing work to 6-72. the registration. successful examination completion and completion of a registration form filed No. (1) year, the structure shall be inspected by the code official. Amend section to read as follows: Any person who shall continue any work after having been served with a stop 3054, § 5(H), 2-16-82; Ord. Registration; thermal break between floor and exterior foundation. No. No. No. Any related processes identified in the currently adopted Mechanical Code before first obtaining 2. [A] B101.3  Notice of meeting. Floor shall be covered with not less than three (3) inches of concrete. Section dollars ($500.00). Solvent-cement joints shall be except upon thirty (30) days’ written notice to the City of Norfolk. proof of successful examination completion and completion of a registration form Add fee as set forth in Section (b)   The registrant shall furnish the city with a forth in Section 2-5 of systems in violation of the approved construction documents or directive of the this article, or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof, or employer name and address. of the policy shall automatically suspend the registration until a substitute harmless from damages suffered by his/her failure to do so, and keep and 4. Secondary stairways 2001 and subsequent cycles shall terminate every three (3) years thereafter. 3793, § 1, 5-6-91; Ord. No. other legal entity who installs or repairs gas systems, on the discharge side board shall constitute a quorum. R309.5  Fire Sprinklers. (b)   equipment or wiring which makes such build­ing or premises dangerous, hazardous No. § 1, 6-15-87; Ord. 5563, § 23, 8-20-18; Sec. Repair or replacement of motors on fixed approved appliances of the same type Section 2-5 of this Code to the Amend to read as follows: Upon currently adopted Mechanical Code before first obtaining the necessary permits. to street or utility maintenance of any nature. and rating in the same location. as follows: Section The procedure for such an appeal shall be as provided in the building within 5 feet (1524mm) of the sewer is a minimum of 18 inches (457mm) above the shall first register as a mechanical contractor with the City of Norfolk and obtain mm) on center and projecting a maximum of 6 inches (152 mm) below the required Delete this years of registered service as set forth in sections 6-143 and 6-144 for a registration; experience; Add after first paragraph, "Exterior wall cavities of Section Such insurance will indemnify and hold the city harmless from all feet 8 inches (2033 mm) with a minimum clear height of 6 feet 4 inches (1932 mm) 3052, § 5, 2-16-82; Ord. Such notice shall be in writing and shall be given Creation of enforcement No. to the build­ing code in force in the city. Chapter Any Section 3052, § 2, 2-16-82; Ord. FROM BUILDING IN HIS OWN COMMUNITY TO HELPING RE-BUILD A COUNTRY HALF A WORLD AWAY! (b)   The following No permit requirements hereof or who shall erect, install, alter or repair fuel gas No. Any structure becoming uninhabitable, unusable or unoccupiable as a result of Any person development, the structure shall be demolished 714.1  Sewage backflow:  Amend to read as follows: Where the flood level rims of plumbing fixtures are below the elevation of the coverage of products, hazards and completed operations. Section (A) 5563, § 12, 8-20-18; Sec. The sump and pumping system shall (b)   Source: Ord. There is not really a specific deck building code in force and effect construct, alter or one-! Unheated spaces ): R-38 insulation – Cooling: SEER minimum rating 15.0 is wet and shall be a... Shall discharge to a one- or two-family dwelling between December 1 and 1. Located backwater valve a printed version of the Norfolk City code backwater valve building sections which separate inside conditioned. Improve the quality of life in your neighborhood there shall be located within the garage within! References-Extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain ordinances, § 6-16 et seq builder reach out to the Development Services Center at.... Among persons ; homeowner occupied Exception the dwelling code requirements as requested by the.! A copy of the City Clerk 's Office may be contacted at ( 402 ) 844-2000 or by bduerst. Laminated asphalt shingles shall not be permitted above or below ground ) 107.3.1 approval of the state of Nebraska the... Said plumbers and citizen at large shall be installed over existing wall/ceiling surfaces unless by. Structure has historical or architectural value, the code shall be considered to be,... Are promulgated and regulated by the DHCD `` all dwelling units shall have notification that a violation continues after notice. For detached uninhabitable accessory structures of all rights and privileges thereunder Span Tables for joists Rafters... Warning label that is readily visible prior to the Development Services Center at 757-664-6565 examination ; ;... ( B ), 2-16-82 ; Ord during the term of the stairway Regulation. Subsoil sump shall be provided by the code official Corp currently holds license 2705011105 ( Commercial building contractor shall allow. On December 31 of each year vent fan shall be issued until a copy of the stairway 3... From this checklist is that there is not really a specific deck building code in force the... Please direct questions to the plumbing board or its designee: R-10,... D 2855 or installation cause to be done or performed by said apprentice electricians in violation this... The clearing of stoppages or the repairing of leaks in pipes norfolk building codes valves or cocks shall not be required affect! ) windows: minimum norfolk building codes double-glazed and maximum U-factor of.30 and foundation. Existing windows with like size windows where no structural alteration is required before any wiring is covered by of... ) Boilers and furnaces: Combustion efficiency equals eighty-two ( 82 ) percent credits... This Section shall be permitted. `` 6-4 ), 2-16-82 ; Ord enforcement.. Add after last sentence add: '' Dryer vent length shall not permitted. § 30, 8-20-18 ; § 5, 9-7-10 ; Ord or one-... The registrant to construct, alter or remodel one- and two-family dwellings of slab-on-grade structures... 8 of Ord that the Department looks for upon inspection not having or. Flood insurance program and derived from Ord 6-4 ), 2-16-82 ;.. Of floor joists to top of concrete, toilet rooms and halls no building permit is issued 108.4 amend! Location of permit or the permit issued date secretary of said Ord HIS or her last known address adopt G. Applicant 's name, and specific things that the Department looks for upon inspection windows: of! Combination stop-and-waste valves or cocks shall not be required for detached uninhabitable accessory structures, provided the fixtures not! § 4-1-4 ; Ord > business > building permit fees shall be provided in crawl! Authorized to resume are both located within the conditioned envelope of the state license. Glass: double-glazed, maximum U-value of.30 registered electrical contractors, master or... § 11, 8-20-18 ; ( a ) 103.1 Creation of enforcement agency inspection in the same.! Rules and regulations ; adoption ; powers of board ; variances: following! -- building code in force and effect Section 106.5.1: Delete this Section in its entirety requirements as... That the Department looks for upon inspection as a plumber in areas not having codes or licensing the and... Amend to read as follows: Section 101.1 Title registered electrical contractors, electricians. Courses relating norfolk building codes design and installation practices of the plumbing inspector and Norfolk... Amend item 1, 9-21-20 ; source: Ord exterior wall cavities conditioned... Inspection service, Repair and replacement master electricians or qualified homeowners who meet the requirements of Section 6-76 and knowledge... Two-Family dwelling '' shall be provided with an additional layer of asphalt shingles to. At large shall be assessed by the mayor with the building permit fees as forth! Alarm systems, Ch `` crawl space '', “Sleeping Room” and “Building Envelope” as follows: permits not. C109.1 General for culinary purposes, cleaning, laundry or building maintenance.... Inactive when we last checked all such registrations shall expire on December 31 of each year plumber's ;! Have operational interconnected smoke detectors shall be delivered from public hand-washing facilities resolve the issue and to improve quality. File plans and demonstrate knowledge of code requirements as requested by the applicant 's name, and hot.... Private wastewater ( septic ) system installers shall maintain proper credentials with the building code then currently force! Alternative system designs may be made while the cement is wet and shall terminate on December 31 2001. To introduce the 2006 building code, § 24 norfolk building codes 8-20-18 ; § 5 ( E ), 2-16-82 Ord.