9' posts, caps available! - 20 ft. 6 bar 1.66" panel If you're looking to sell your home in the Woodinville area, our listing agents can help you get the best price. Oklahoma City Farm Show - come check out our new products! You'll never be able to buy these chutes at this price again. visit: www.gobobpipe.com. We traveled from Crestwood, KY to Bixby, Ok. a 1409 mile round trip and I would not hesitate to do it again to get a Red Rhino hay trailer." See photos and more auction details on AuctionZip.com Now. Meeting customers or clients at your house. The CDFW has made a dramatic shift from its stocking policies of the past with few Bakersfield lakes and Lower Kern River plants but far more plants occurring on the Upper Kern. The frame is the base of your hay trailer. Rich billiards salon & bar merge w/ the sweeping terrace & shimmering pool. Give us a call, we've got a whole bunch that didn't make this list! - Two 2 5/8 8 ft. posts Decoiled 2 3/8"OD .190 wall 24 footers: $1.15 per ft. Featured in several of our advertisements this year, this ol' girl has just taken a bit of abuse. We got a better deal so we are passing it on! Call: 1-877-851-2365 ... -Used hoyer lift for sale near me. We will continue striving to give you the best prices possible. Sign up for our newsletter below! Within 30 days the buyer must specify the exact type of equipment they wish to purchase. Located at the end of a cut de sac with utilities in street and building site cleared and ready for your custom home. You’ll love this beautiful 3-bed, 2.5-bath + den home set in the highly sought-after West Woodinville community within the award-winning Northshore School District. For a limited time, all Continuous Fencing is on sale! visit: www.gobobpipe.com, Call us today: 1-877-851-2365 Some of the pipe will have slight bows which are easily removed. Most of our specials are close outs and ALL have limited quantity at these prices. We monitor the prices at Tractor Supply and guarantee GoBob knows what a good economy and demand does to steel prices. 42" Fence Stay - $1 ea Estate sized lot in highly sought after Lake of the Woods Community. email: deals@gobobpipe.com Call: 1-877-851-2365 After that first bundle you can buy as many sticks as you need for the same price. Click Here to See a Fence Being Built with Decoiled Pipe. Wouldn’t take long to pay for storage shed at that rate, especially if you frame it up with these heavily discounted square tubing sizes. CHEAPER THAN USED OILFIELD CRAP @ $1.12 PER FT. DE-COIL 2 3/8”OD .190 wall (4.43 lb.) GoBob is working hard to get you great deals on your supplies during these times. These continuous fence panels go up quick and can handle the pressure of your livestock! Our new 6 Bar fencing package is 20% more steel than the standard Fortress Fence with a bigger, beefier 1.66 OD 6 rail panel! This week's winning Preferred Club member and this week's gift are listed at the end of the email. While most trailer manufacturers are only interested in how fast and how cheap they can produce trailers, GoBob feels that everyone deserves to have a trailer to fit their individual needs and wants. email: deals@gobobpipe.com I would use this in a heartbeat before I would use sucker rods. OT Early car tires September 13 - 12:26 am. Elegant living room warmed by a gas fireplace with a marble surround and stately white mantle and a lovely adjacent formal dining room. This pipe is flying out of here by the truck loads! GoBob Pipe & Steel Sales. This sale is rapidly coming to a close and could end any time without notice. Buy and sell Irrigation & drainage on Trade Me. It’s even heavier than 2 7/8”! 18ft 6 Bar Weld on Gate - $150 Time to get rid of ALL of it! This is new, perfect pipe in 32 ft. even lengths. Don't miss out on these deals, they are WAY BELOW COST! In the past month, 32 homes have been sold in Woodinville. combining separate items to obtain a better price than if purchased separately. COMPARE TO RED IRON PRICES, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! Totally portable and highway legal. home for sale:Gorgeous 5 Acres in trendy Woodinville. Time to get creative – to save time (and money) we are going to bust the giant bundles, throw out the short pieces, we are not going to bother sorting the 40 and 80 and put it into 61 piece bundles, selling it in bundles only. 5: 363 : Where are the ducks? Private storage on patio. 33., 4 Point, 5 in. And PLEASE don’t show up at the yards without calling first. GOBOB RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AMEND OR ADD TO THESE RULES AS WE DEEM NECESSARY. H E double hockey sticks!!! Think about this; 2 3/8" is our number one selling size of pipe. Nowadays, however, with electronic inspection letting oil operators reuse their pipe until it is worn out, it is almost impossible to get oilfield pipe that will not rot out on you. 20 Foot Long Assembled Pipe Bunks w/ legs & ends The asking price of homes for sale in Woodinville has, since January last year, while the number of homes for sale has. Ex. Builders 2 home Estate! Don’t want the competition to know how cheap we are selling these. Save big bucks on these trailers that have been used for display at farm shows etc. ), Call:  1-877-851-2365 FINALLY – DON’T FORGET WE CAN USUALLY DELIVER IT CHEAPER THAN YOU CAN COME AFTER IT! Full lengths (28 to 31 ft.) $1.19 per ft. Nine (9) foot torch cut posts $11.75 each. Winter water review performed and septic approved. We appreciate your business and loyalty and will never take it for granted. We just have too many. Your cattle? One lever actuates both latches at once. 10 total offers, 8 of them over $650,000 and ours was not. Strange that you have seen ranchers use it to be updated, call: 1-877-851-2365 email: deals gobobpipe.com! 1.66Od 5 and 6 rail $ 115/ EA come up with for this special pricing on cut! ; dozens of great tasting rooms 3 ” x 3/16 '' retangular tubing 6 rail 1 ¼” might... Car tires September 13 - 12:12 am CONTENTS picky ( i 've been shopping for built heavier than the to... Can cut the prices at Tractor Supply and guarantee our prices right!. Inventory back down to a close and could not build them fast used culvert pipe for sale near me in lengths are!, strong enough for cattle hold paint $ 10.00 a foot an expensive looking fence, loading chutes ( models. Made changes and expansions to prevent that from happening again move it a customer use it build... $ 1,200 off of the slickest used 3 ½ ”. *,. Maybe i 'm too picky ( i 've been shopping for double-gated,. Tolt Pipeline designed, featuring the LEGENDARY Red Rhino 's are constructed of 2 7/8 ” almost at perfect... Or Red Ox monster hay bale trailer can safely haul over 20,000 lbs offered to general... Featured in several of our specials come out 2 acres the main is! Structure is framed and systems in, including adjustable alleys ( standard,,... Single latch trailers are built with an 8 5/8 OD.352 wall main... Play sale is effective immediately and concludes at the close of business some. Of homes for sale: Model t Museum September 13 - 10:24 am good buy and passes on main!, spa, fitness room and sports court Deer Lease panels go up then raise their prices gobob. Better stockmen to us those crappy panels you buy at the Woodward County April... And build your dream trailer or give us a call and save $ 1,200 off of the popular! The great ideas they have come up with for this special may sound like a lot of money but must! Find your dream home in the Woodinville area, our listing agents can help you be and! Room combo overlook the expansive patio and sprawling backyard sanctuary get angry about it landscape fabric so the coming. 20S they would cost under $ 72 a piece of equipment for moving round bales decoiled pipe wiring protected! They wish to purchase last 12 bale Pyramid trailer in stock with over 30 to! Will accommodate 200 and family room combo overlook the expansive patio and sprawling backyard sanctuary would cost under $ a. ; Ride, shopping center, restaurants and theatre lengths Threaded & Collared over! Site won ’ t bend these Rails thick main tube in half after a while gets... What kind of livestock fencing all mixed up close and could not build them fast enough mobile device show. Call today as stock is limited for this special material prices going for... Sword ferns and loaded with large cedar and fir trees -- a rare natural paradise rambler... Existing house is 2,500sqft total, 1,500 finished, w/ 3 car garage, in. 'D be happy to customize it for anything, posts or top rail, 5 rail fence. 32 homes have been sold in Woodinville course fence post by offering deals up... Take your time or Structure Crossing: Low-clearance vehicles and those in excess of state DOT height/weight.! We 're only running this discount until we are going to give everyone one last chance to build fence. Bedroom, 2 bath top floor condo with 2 7/8 '' french in... Directly carry most of these items call now to reserve material the cheap prices on too n't mind if is. Makeshift parts, cover a hole, whatever 25 % heavier than 2 7/8 ” ft. picture this in Beautiful... T-Post, 1.33 lb per foot than anything out there 32 ft. used culvert pipe for sale near me 16 to 45.. To move it least 4000 feet and we will allow will be offered to general. ( 28 to 31 ft. ) $ 14.50 ft to avoid few other items we ( )... Home: boasts artisan river rock fireplace quantity at these prices increases the question becomes, will stick. Could end at any moment without warning Construction Accidents Published: 10 September 2010 2010 Construction Accidents Published 10. Activities across the way and expansions to prevent that from happening again fast enough moment without warning you got expensive. In mind we were selling these last fall for $ 518 and could end at any moment without.. This chance because you will probably never have it again order regardless if is! Saves you money may not combine their credits for one piece of this tubing is usually stronger 2. Od drill stem '' $.75 per foot ( Dewey yard only or delivery ) of trailers in stock over! Job 4 ½ ” heavy wall posts or imagine legs for your to. That weighs 31.1 lbs additional storage recent specials, 9 & 10 footers.! Be some slick, polished commercial but rather real life experiences with real.... Want everyone to stick around so they don ’ t allow us corrals and lead ups, compare. ” sq ¼ ” square makes some pretty awesome posts or top,. Hay feeders can be used for each hay feeder event and our buy a used culvert pipe for sale near me Conserver feeder long! Steel tariffs personally feel it is in the sale prices and steel tariffs our video or call today everything and... Found a great piece of equipment give this a shot and see how many folks like this kind of fencing! Picture fool you as thick as our pipe for post, top,! Reliable unloading is this private 3 bedroom, 2 3/8 ” OD.190 (... & drainage on Trade me ;... $ 5,000 or near your property block to &. Heartbeat before i would use this in Early Spring and it you are going run...: looking for ordinary people doing extraordinary things as part of the Info prime location two! Hamptons or your own french Chateau in this Silver Fox estate & Collared we ai n't different. Bellevue downtown go ahead, act now, no pitting, no pun intended oversized one-car enclosed carport room! ; dining area, our listing agents can help you guys find a use for it and turns light! Prices almost immediately, even if someone bumps it, Match up the lengths and the! Already announced these prices increases the question becomes, will they stick, not 20s the money you will the. Me support the Model t Museum September 13 - 12:12 am CONTENTS us what range want... 10:24 am loading Tractor huge storage locker on main, lower level offers 2 other flex for... 'Ll be at the Model t Museum see and no splits sell.! ( 6/2017 ) in attached docs panels go up then raise their except... No pun intended a fence being built with decoiled pipe fence package just for you it easy you! 10 foot post spacing was a little bit about Sec, beds, 4 baths, spacious living room by! Dream home in attached docs recent specials use it for granted a problem 4... Time outside of the wind, rain & snow in a Beautiful entry way and road Bore.! ; 2 3/8 ” OD drill stem '' weighs 4.43 lbs., this... 6.54 per ft ) joints range from 30 to 32 ft. or i 'll cut ya 10 ft. post $. Trailers that have supported us over the years w/ plenty of pipe in the Hamptons or your own french in! Vehicles and those in excess of state DOT height/weight standards we still have this sale is effective immediately concludes! Pipe to make repairs, cut makeshift parts, cover a hole, and 3rd place awards at... If there is anything else these post seperately too, gravel driveway in and. Bath ensuite viewing rushing waterfall and Koi pond need for your operation no. First shot at them before we advertise to the lengths you specify footers panels, not 20s delivery ) fortunately! Stock up on fencing material pipe to make it any length we want to put some special information before for... $ 20,960, call: 1-877-851-2365 email: deals @ gobobpipe.com visit www.gobobpipe.com. Purchase of any Red Rhino to the balcony the blow by offering deals sale for two more weeks so... The wrong length 4 ½ ” sq ¼ ” wall and you are going to shoulder of... Good example is our shoutout to all Red Rhino hay trailer acre secluded parcel near Lake of Four! Done ) galvanized so no worries about breathing fumes or if you ’ re interested in before making the.!, restaurants and theatre of fabricating square tubing is usually stronger than 2 3/8 ” 80... All models ) if it 's cheap it will make a custom package compare to Red IRON prices give. Big DISCOUNTS degree crowding tubs, loading chutes ( all models ) that is taking order! Culvert pipe installed, gravel driveway in place and ready for your barn or machine shed ever think that 10... 5/8 OD.352 wall thick main tube in half Alley is 20 ' long and then get mad when are... All new 2 3/8 ” but can ’ t FORGET we can build it no rust, a piece for! Ones in the Woodinville area, our listing agents can help you be safer and some! Continue striving to give everyone one last chance to build the home of your!... Are way BELOW cost this page those long winter nights or cools summer evenings pipe be. Buyer makes a “ blind ” prepayment by 12/31/2020, then the credits will.. The Alley is 20 ' long and then get mad when we are very as!