However, germander speedwell leaves are more heart shaped than oval, they are slightly larger and more pointed towards the tips. V. filiformis is similar to other Veronica species, such as V. arvensis and V. chamaedrys, but can be distinguished by the size of its leaves and lack of seed capsules.[1]. Corn speedwell (Veronica arvensis L.) is a member of the plantain family (Plantaginaceae) and has a winter annual life cycle. Downy brome 3. Speedwell (Veronica spp) is an annual weed that spreads through lawns and borders, and has attractive tiny blue flowers. Also SA, NSW, ACT, Tas. The variety Veronica Americana is edible and nutritious and has been used in a tea to alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma. Hand weeding may prove successful for a limited number of plants. Absent 1. Ivyleaf morningglory 5. Similar Species. Speedwell (Veronica spp.) Find it on. Corn speedwell (Veronica arvensis) is a small, weak, low-growing winter annual that thrives in thin open turf and often appears in solid stands. It is a well-known weed that you can find in your front yard, backyard, or garden. Also, thymeleaf speedwell has mostly hairless leaves. [6] It was introduced to the United States nursery trade in the 1920s. Giant foxtail and Green foxtailCotyledon shape 1. The many different species vary in appearance. Prodr. [3] In Ireland, the plant was sewn into the clothing of travellers for good luck.[4]. APNI* Description: Perennial herb with slender rhizomes to 60 cm long; flowering stems usually 3–25 cm high, with fine … A wildflower to "speed you well": the speedwell is as common on roadsides verges as it is garden lawns. Capsule obovate, 3–4 mm long, 2–3 mm wide, slightly emarginate, with scattered fine erect hairs towards apex, glossy; style 3.5–4.5 mm long. They are oval to kidney shaped, with the edges being toothed. Solitary on slender stalks at the base of the upper leaves. Flowers bright blue, 8 to 12 mm the lowermost petal often white. The leaves, found near the base of the stem, are 5–10 mm across, rounded or kidney-shaped with blunt teeth and short stalks, and smaller on distal parts. Racemes lateral, mostly 1.5–5 cm long, mostly 1–6-flowered; peduncle 15–20 mm long; bracts 4–6 mm long; pedicels to 15 mm long. Leaves kidney shaped or rounded, coarsely toothed, stalked, mostly opposite on non flowering stems, but alternate on flowering stems. This weed reproduces via seeds, which germinate during cool, moist conditions in late summer, fall, or spring. Identification Keys Classification Glossary; HerbLink (Type Images) WeedAlert: Other PlantNET Sites: Other Data Sources : NEW SOUTH WALES FLORA ONLINE: Printable Page: Veronica gracilis R.Br. A spreading, low-growing hairy perennial with small, sky blue or mauve flowers and oval leaves. It is now widely naturalised in many parts of the country and is a common and troublesome lawn weed. Johnsongrass 4. [2] It is perennial. Speedwell appears in lawns as individual plants, inhibiting growth of grass, and, if unchecked, spreads through borders. Close up detail of the flower spike. Slender Speedwell is a difficult weed to control after just one herbicide treatment, despite what the chemical label states! Speedwell is a perennial weed, meaning that it grows back year after year if not dealt with. Creeping (Slender) Speedwell. Overview; Gallery; Names; Classification; Records; Literature; Sequences; Data Partners + Online Resources. Add to Likebox #137320331 - Blue cornflower Its popularity in the United States, Canada,.. Slender Speedwell. Creeping (slender) speedwell. Cheat 2. Lower leaves are opposite and leaves on the flowering stem are alternate. Veronica filiformis is a species of flowering plant in the genus Veronica. Widespread, usually in grassland or grassy woodland, often near streams, soaks, dams etc. Slender speedwell (Veronica filiformis) is a low-growing plant with bright blue, long-stemmed flowers early in the year, usually March to May. It has upright spikes of bright blue flowers with four petals and a white middle (giving it other common names such as 'Bird's Eye' and 'Cat's Eye'). Leaves are small (8 to 12 mm long) and round or kidney shaped and have sparse hairs. Solitary flowers occur in leaf axils. Slender speedwell Veronica filiformis is a perennial weed, frequently found in closely mown turf throughout the UK. It was much grown as a rock plant until gardeners realised how invasive it could be. To control speedwell in garden beds, spot treat with Weed Weapon Extra Strength, Rapid Action or Weed Weapon Natural Power. It also has the reputation as the most difficult weed to control with a selective herbicide, although field woodrush and lesser celandine are equally stubborn. Travellers in years gone by appreciated its bright blue petals and in Ireland it was sewn into clothes as a charm to protect against accidents. Leaf edges are notched with predominately rounded teeth. Plants produce vegetative growth and flowers from early spring through summer. Slender speedwell has many common names, including creeping speedwell, threadstalk speedwell, birdseye speedwell, creeping veronica, whetzel weed and gypsy weed.