Laravel is a PHP framework to build web applications. Furthermore, it is built on top of the popular Bootstrap Framework. We will generate DB models, fresh CRUD adminpanel and API for you. Great! Deliver first version faster! If you are using published layout from generator then you need to publish layout files again by, php artisan infyom.publish:layout And overwrite each and every file. Source. This migration command will generate database tables from … Voyager is a Laravel Admin package that has BREAD operations, a media manager, menu builder, and much more built-in. To save your time and developer effort Laravel offers an admin panel generator. Download now! Starting new Laravel project? It uses the powerful blade template engine and offers a smoother workflow and many reusable UI elements. Tags: laravel, asp net, html form generator, html layout generator, laravel 5, laravel 5 admin area, laravel 5 admin panel generator, laravel 5 admin template, laravel 5 admin theme, laravel 5 form builder, laravel admin login, laravel form, metro ui, metro ui admin template, skin See all tags Laravel Form - HTML Form Generator - Admin Template. app/Nova/Post.php