h�b```�"_``��0p\``d`�W����=�$��B{���A��@� CJ4p4�v0h4`�!ƫ;�4?�2 `T�-�0�O�9�p��1��K As both supervision and inspection are meant for the same purpose and inspection covers almost all the areas of supervision there is no necessity of bringing difference between supervision and inspection. Therefore they designate the supervisor as a leader who has possession of the following two qualities: 1. Supervision of management is also another aspect of the scope of supervision in education without which the overall improvement of teaching-learning process will never be successful. Because they are the real supervisors of the educational programme. ��o��Y��['�[;��O���8���q��������,v��~�a'�0�� 0}� It is therefore, more useful and helpful in every respect when compared to schools without supervision. Inadequate number of school inspectors. b. Allotment receipt and the progress made. The ability of the headmaster to run the school or institution. 289 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<42AEB8A574AC4A4C8726327F979405D2><63AB45A65FD7164DAB141AAB71AAE392>]/Index[272 30]/Info 271 0 R/Length 85/Prev 84532/Root 273 0 R/Size 302/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream The supervision of the management of the educational institution includes the following aspects with it: a. Co-operation of teachers and community members. Careers in educational supervision include being a principal and could involve keeping a school running on a day-to-day basis. In other to enhance instruction, the role of the supervisors should be supportive, assisting, explanative, encouraging, guiding, advisory, improving and sharing rather directing. d. The distribution of work among teachers. h�bbd``b`�$[A�=�`� b� � ��d�0q{A,aa"��+ ��@�q��e`bd�d100�F�g�� � � , In the modern educational system expansion of education relies on increasing number of educational institutions, teachers and students as well as providing all sort of facilities which are essential for proper progress of education. f. Achievements and failures of the school. endstream endobj 276 0 obj <>stream The importance of the job records/documentation cannot be over-emphasized. ��+�n����'զ�g�4����7���^����zzW7�-�V?ם�H�i6�6L�b�Z�''�n��6&9l�n�:�����͢ް��ov�ZT��vV-�,`��?.>\��]���cq�Z/�9 ]w�h΋�m5o��⢭���_�j������v�.� The introduction of external evaluation in form of school inspection by national governments is an old system of monitoring educational quality in the world’s education system. Find out what instructional supervision is, the requirements to pursue the field, and programs that could prepare you for these positions. At a second level, the inspector's activity covers both the roles of trainer, pedagogue, coach and a role … The instrument for collecting the study data was a close ended questionnaire given to two groups of respondents which were the teachers and educational inspectors, the responses were collated and presented in a table form with the aid of statistics. 2. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. The inspector also works with the project engineer to address changes required on the plans due to errors or unforeseen circumstances. They have to stimulate co-ordinate, guide for continued growth of the teacher in a school, both individually and collectively in better understanding and more effective performances of all teaching activities. ��)�o;03ق� 30ޔ���2p�J00~����` (" ���}_��CF� ��V�WZ�L��5>Q �n�x�Uޓs�!S����~�l���aʹ��2���}�HAY1�=�"��� ��� The supervisor has not only to supervise but also guide the headmaster and teachers in their efforts for ensuring qualitative improvement of education. 9h]�}b�8ed�_�w��f�P\7���I�f�iO�5l�wO�gW�V�Ҙ���C�\�)���o77Ε��i8SJ�a���}����6Qv6�Y���S��}�si>����f^ Reporter Charo May J. Naigan MaEd Student Dr. Jovita C. Arreza Professor 2. It is not concerned merely with improvement of teachers as it was conceived in the previous days, when the supervisory activities were directive and prescriptive. He also gives advice to the assistant and the management of schools. To them the primary function of supervisors of all types is leadership, encouragement and recognition of leadership in any other person either in the professional staff or among the community participants. It has been clearly visualized that the supervision seeks to be democratic in nature out and out which demands constant efforts on the part of inspecting officers. “In the modern educational system, the term supervision has got a very significant position from the point of view of the role played by it. c. Construction of the new building and its progress. Adenike Olayinka Kolawole 0 0 Department Of Educational Foundations & Management, Faculty Of Education, Ekiti State University , Ado-Ekiti , Nigeria The study investigated the instructional supervisory roles of secondary school principals and inspectors of the ministry of education in Lagos state.A total of 20 principals and 20 inspectors were randomly selected. So it is mainly concerned with “development of teachers and pupils.”. The dictionary of education defines supervision as “all efforts of designed schools towards providing leadership to teachers and other educational workers in the improvement of instruction ; involves the stimulation of professional growth and development of teachers, the selection and revision of educational objectives, materials on instruction and methods of teaching and the evaluation of instruction.” Here the word “supervision” means to guide and stimulate the activities of teachers with a view to improve them, i.e., teaching as well as instruction and promoting professional growth. The word supervision is the combination of two words, i.e., supervision where super means over and above and vision means seeing. 2 d. Duties and responsibilities rendered by the teachers as the members of different sub-committees for different programmes. They also perform the roles of supervision of the implementation of the National Policy on Education in the schools.Supervision is a process which strives to stimulate others . Copyright 10. 301 0 obj <>stream Supervisors are appointed in establishments as the inspectors. Due to the enhancement of its importance in the present educational system its prime purpose has been changed now. a. task or assessment of fault-finding and fact-finding in many job settings Innovations in teaching . 2. The authors investigated the supervisory practices, interpersonal relationship between supervising Administration and Supervision in Education 1. He distributes grants of the state and attends various meetings within his jurisdiction. Principles of Good Practice - Teachers and Supervisors of Teachers View this PGP as a PDF file. h��Wmo�6�+��a�wY@Q �vh�5� ��M����w.��������.���aZ�(R�=�)=g�I/���LjOń̈́�0� �-A�L The supervisor ensures that teachers are informed of both praise and criticism of their work and that useful support and assistance are available to each … The supervisor supervises the developmental activities of the school in the following heads: a. Justification of developmental activities, proposals for extension of the school building. H�\�ۊ� ��}��l/�9�� ��B.��f��N��FŘ���z(]XA���_�鵽�Zy��Έ=JK��Y�@�qT��H%�#J���%4��u�8�z0�1�!9{���"M�[BߜD����k��-�����CM�����|B�I�ke�+����s�U��lF����#V�� �����_�,���7w�U��(�EX��N\f.#W���u�:�>�>�!�!�1�1�)�)�9�9{8��$�ٿX���q��c�J��G��Tq�_ uք 椄�r$�CQcIG�J�le�Q�c~&_�ѧ����h�DŽ��L����_0{\A��� ES�����c���0��\mT From this discussion the term inspection has got priority in supervision which was not stressed on in earlier days because the degree of success of any supervisory activity or programme depends upon the degree of inspection done by the inspecting officials. The authoritarian leader remains in the focus of the group's attention. The supervisor ensures that faculty members new to the school receive orientation and support sufficient for them to work effectively and with confidence that they are carrying out the educational mission, policies, and procedures of the school. established school boards and appointed inspectors to supervise its schools before 1882 (Fajana, 1978:44). Moreover, there is no official programme for novice teachers, which means that teachers will engage with no supervisors, inspectors, tutors or mentors (Richardson, 2013). �KS���/�2ϴ� ?�� #�WVĨN�g��$m���{f�(t�{�xc���b�Y2k5ZMqꇧ���VlՓ�d*]6���� ��fL*-����%��´e�*�Q��[x����=$�Š���FS�r�&�N�IHG�$s)��;J"� ���f��rƪ �Ŝ��w�2Lk� ȏ. The academic leadership role of the school head includes supervision. H�|SMo�0��W�4HC�H�-�@Q����ݒ�S�(z�vȖ�ö�ؿI�N��������ae�1����=(�3��u�!MmbhG������I��T�(ꢕʉ:�'RY#�aײ��*p%U,�� �w���P��0'@#U&8�^�2����j�V�(�m�e5�f�0�5�3-��7@vMʙ�a װ�$E�Wdu��a�G�s��� �:�>�ɂRS�K���ń��+;T@]�>R��;t���DJ 9 Supervision and Inspection After reading this chapter, you will be conversant with: Educational Supervision Educational Inspection Planning Educational Supervision Introduction In modern educational thought, supervision is a phase of … - Selection from Educational Administration and Management [Book] c. Community mobilization and support . A synthesis of the data obtained from the various sources revealed the following problems: 1. The supervisor is not and should not be the overseer or prescriber but rather the guide, facilitator, or collaborator (Sullivan and Glanz 2009). ACADEMIC ASPECT: INSPECTION SUPERVISION INTRODUCTION By virtue of his position the headmaster or the principal of a school is the functionary of its destiny. Generally the inspectors visit individual teachers classes, meet them individually to solve their problems. So, supervision means seeing the activities of employees from over and above. Requirements for inspectors, supervisors and slaughtermen Individuals assuming these roles must be educated and have experience in halal slaughtering practices. H��S�n�0��[�$��c�=�����X��b��gV�$MR���ٙ��e��q�;Hy'�����7O�d�„�6���ڝ����,^���\n�0�������J���7�� W��pF�s��ɒ��IYTw��. %%EOF The purpose of professional supervision gives the opportunity for employer and worker to come together to reflect on work practise and reflect and evaluate their work through discussion, report and observation. c. Co-operation, co-ordination and responsibility between teachers and headmaster in organizing any programme. In the process of supervision, the managers or supervisors face certain problems which are described below. �P;���8��f�݄C��p�9ǝ��jf,c�������쨩�:��J�pz:��X8;�P�O�:KZ_G�=n�cۇ�u�;py�=x�u���:G�s�>[�2���7�����9��;�������MgS���Hw�V�}��㱗6�o2t��gb���7޶�Ho+�D��N�b�2��}��znu���s�E�O�LG�E�4�� Researchers and Educationists previously agreed upon the fact that supervision is primarily concerned for the purpose of improving instruction. Difference between inspection and supervision Inspection is a means of exercising control than of helping to raise standards and promote desirable change. Supervision is a process in which a worker is given responsibility to work with another to meet organisation, professional activities. Prohibited Content 3. Students are also assisted individually. ?3�L�s��lgr,��ƒ���+R:|����N��^� In view of the important role of instructional supervision in education, this study therefore focused on the following: To investigate teachers’ perception of the supervisory behavior of school inspectors. Now-a-days the concept of supervision has been changed. Q�;G��f#��p����Ss4����?���m�"��P���xcW�����n�䧶��y�f���n�݄���8�t�8Во��_VhX�m��;��@g`��A�l����k�/���֟g/����:��������Nju�#��[� �)7; The ability to help others, contribute to this vision and to perceive and to act in accordance with it. b. Metalfe Sunter was appointed as “Her Majesty’s Inspector of schools for the First, there are university-based supervisors of undergraduate students in teacher education programs who supervise the activities of novice teachers. Whereas supervision are the various activities engaged by individual, groups for the purpose of Plagiarism Prevention 4. 272 0 obj <> endobj The role of the teacher was to impart basic truths to children, whereas the role of the supervisor was to serve as the “inspector” to ensure the curriculum had been followed and essential skills had been learned (Ebmeier & Nicklaus, 1999). For this supervision includes the following things in its jurisdiction: a. According to Adams and Dickey, “Supervision is a planned programme for the improvement.” It exists in their opinion for one reason only to improve teaching and learning. ACADEMIC ASPECT: INSPECTION SUPERVISION INTRODUCTION By virtue of his position the headmaster or the principal of a school is the functionary of its destiny. endstream endobj 278 0 obj <>stream Inspectors also document the construction process and decision made along the way, serving to document the process. … Content Filtrations 6. Supporting this Barr and Burton have rightly stated that, “No doubt the aim of supervision is the improvement of teaching but this can be facilitated through the development of the teacher, the growth of the pupil and the improvement of the teaching-learning process as a whole. The supervisory behavior of school inspectors have been a major challenge to the achievement of this goal. Supervision demands that an Inspector should interval with the members of the teaching staff in order to improve the quality of learning of students. The supervisor has not only to supervise but also guide the headmaster and teachers in their efforts for ensuring qualitative improvement of education. Educational Supervision and School Inspection (PDE – 116) Dr. Charles M. Magoma Date Lecturer, Department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies, ... of the study was to establish the extent to which school inspectors‟ role has effective endstream endobj 277 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 280 0 obj <>stream Supervision is a quasi-managerial function. f. Teachers lesson diaries and scheme of work. Instructional leadership is one of the most important roles of supervisors. ��n�y�j�!����0àSD�� ��Q}��I��O��0x���][� With his administrative powers, the Inspector visits schools and supervises whether the school laws and regulations arc properly followed. But now according to some experts, supervision requires a super plus vision a superior perspective attended by special preparation and position. Relationship between the head of the institution and his staff, between staff and students, f. Goodwill of the self-government formed by students, j. Hygienic conditions of the toilet, canteen and water supply, k. Relationship of the head of the institution or school with the community members. For this there is the need of quantitative expansion as well as qualitative improvement of education at all levels. Other professional personnel involved in supervisory roles include cluster coor… Since supervision is an activity that is part of so many different roles, a few distinctions are in order. However, supervision in a school system implies the process of ensuring that policies, principles, rules, regulations and methods prescribed for purposes of implementing and achieving the objectives for education This new concept is based on the belief that inspection and supervision are a co-operative enterprise in which both the teacher and inspecting officers have to participate actively. �����(|$\�a���ڏ�)����}�h�`��q�h�0.U��6�nr0� �w4��v4�>�$�a��},��h�>�h��� Supervision in school therefore is a vital process and combination of activities which is concerned with the teaching and improvement of the teaching in the school framework. The provision of Education code of 1882 was the earliest attempt to appoint government inspectors for the purpose of school supervision. They also lead teachers in developing and implementing an effective plan of instrution. The first school inspection/supervision originated from France under Napoleon’s regime at the end of … endstream endobj 273 0 obj <>/Metadata 22 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 270 0 R/StructTreeRoot 30 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 274 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 275 0 obj <>stream They also perform the roles of supervision of the implementation of the National Policy on Education in the schools.Supervision is a process which strives to stimulate others . As a result of which teachers may be better able to stimulate and guide the continued growth of every pupil towards the most intelligent participation in modern democratic society. According to Hoyle and Wallace (200 5), school inspection has main two functions which are to monitor and ensure the quality of education in the society, secondly, ensure the implementation of national goals and objectives through external evaluation as the 0 It is therefore, more useful and helpful in every respect when compared to schools without supervision. Roles played by the inspector of education in Morocco The main roles played by the inspector are those of the controller and evaluator, followed by planner and educator roles. The study investigates the role of school inspection on teacher performance in selected secondary schools in Kaduna south. For this supervision includes the following things in its jurisdiction: d. Conducting seminars, conferences, meetings and workshops to discuss about problems and their solution. Image Guidelines 5. C-3. The History of supervision/inspections roles of Supervisors for improving educational programme which helps teachers to achieve both qualitative and quantitative instructional delivery from the foregoing, it could easily be deduced that supervision is an indispensable variable in the teaching learning process as well as the overall school and educational objectives. Difficulties faced and the steps taken by the headmaster to wipe out the difficulties, and. Content Guidelines 2. However, one common by-product of decentralization is an increased expectation that Principal rather than inspectors will play this role. %PDF-1.5 %���� The increasing complexity of teaching demands more help from supervisors and thus increases the complexity of the leadership role. endstream endobj 279 0 obj <>stream ��E8��]�P0Q*H4��3��z:~;�4]͈��c�����5n ��z�s�U�p+s�媃[!5��=�=x��n:��5����T w?̮���Oa�7]���;�����A��C�q#���Z6ଦ����0XJ4��8�1�Yz)���%N�'Ni#Σ���~/{�����I�v�g��05�3�c�����'!���h���V`�+�H0^@�$�?�/�hK��q^@��%�;�YԔ"fG��g>���z��5���mȢ Who is a school Supervisor A supervisor could also be the principal of a school, or a senior member of staff of a school (Ani, 2007). The supervisor supervises the organisation of various co- curricular activities keeping in view their need and importance. It must What Is Educational Supervision? ABSTRACT: School inspection or, and school supervision in our secondary schools is the same throughout the country, Nigeria, with the main focus on transformation of school inspection/monitoring/ supervision in Ogun State. They must assure they use an extremely sharp knife and sharpen it often enough to keep it sharp. leading role on this project. (iii) The power to recognize a primary school rests with the District Inspector. Role of Mediator or Linking Pin: Disclaimer 9. To determine teacher whether teachers’ supervision activities have contributed to their effectiveness in school, it is also necessary to look into teachers’ supervisory role and its outcome. H��TMo�0��W�( �*�I��@�d@���T���N�-��4i�?�r�$Ȇ]�I���H*���g�$>�DdR%"��ح�rb+�u�t��5�tb)CsiE��)���>0�i�{��'1��_�Qm+X0C���/]e Next, a principal or assistant principal may be said to conduct general supervision–as distinct from the more specific, subject-matter supervision conducted by a high school department chair. The supervisor has to supervise all the records and registers of an educational institution or school by examining the following type of records: The school environment has a profound role bringing over an improvement of educational process. e. The written work of students and its correction. The department of education also delegates certain powers to be performed by the Inspector. Any Muslim actively involved in slaughter must have experience in proper halal slaughter procedures. It will never be sufficient if we will not yield or achieve our returns or results to an adequate extent in qualitative perspective. �N���c�-P�w̫��D� B��(O{�t�Y4���("�"��g,��Dh����`'��\|��ˋ�ۻ����fF��ԁ�t(�����y\���.��-{����!�[^�LN�s�V��1l�`��C� Ԣ��Ú����+��*��P���d��_ʲ�L]dj����P�X'��v}��~��jB틹sb������ڐ��kQ���x �{bJF�m�yS�M����� ADVERTISEMENTS: (ii) The District Inspector’s supervisory work is primarily for the middle schools in his district than the primary schools. * Significance of Administration and Supervision * Types of School Administration and Supervision * Management Functions * Administration and Supervision in Philippine Setting 3. This will be determined by the very concept, supervision. exhaustive study of relevant literature on problems of school inspection in Nigeria and interviews of schools inspectors, school principals , teachers and even parents. �'P����&iY*�P�%�2P�@��@!B��#o�H��6ɜ]r��3lDža-�=R�T[���^�5���(�V�����]y��=]�k�7ȼ@�r�,��%'��m1�����oBX ukj0�9�p�=�3q�pI�k�} ~b{2�B8JE��F��lX������Ҥ�~ȔA����"*i�lPs�R:��6=�+��Eπ���H�0y�4.��+n��M�[���{:�\�ᄏ-�q� �T� 6��z�C D ƵeS:��S���L����`�-{�,������ҝ�#a���Vz��;�f�f�?����JU͢{�h-�Fo�!�#X���_}yC����Gm׵��.����Rgd��c�h:g�Sƽu����>r��G{��QY!�Ao��r2|�Q�>���W��GG��p�iJbn�W�1 � H��T]O�0}ϯ���4;���΄�h�4�@�������['ڠ���w��PZ6V����9�\�xT&�Ů[����������{��yZ��p��F�/�;'3k���Ξ�ߏ �_�j�� -coZ}[o�n�n��|4C��g Keeping this in view Neagly and Evans have strongly viewed that, “Modem supervision in school is positive democratic action aimed at the improvement of classroom instruction through the continued growth of all concerned – the educed, the teacher, the supervisor, the administrator and the parents of others interested lay person.”. 2��'q�v]vX�;�8�}�X�:��A1���T{�X�.g��ˠ�o�%�Ơx��Q|8�#�X���$ Method of teaching employed for different subjects. Inspections and evaluations are systematic and independent assessments of the design, implementation, and/or results of an Agency’s operations, ... • Managerial skills for supervisors, team leaders, and lead inspectors. Instructional Supervision. administrative and academic leadership. From this description it is quite evident that quality assurance of education at any level is the prime concern of the modem educational practices. growth in number of supervisor/inspection officers (Grauwe, 2007). Report a Violation, Top 5 Types of Supervision Available in Education, Difference between Educational Administration and Supervision in India, Educational Planning in India: Meaning and Definitions and Everything Else. TOS 7. Meaning and Scope of Supervision in Education! The extent to which school-level administrators regard instructional supervision as part of their responsibility varies across countries. Important function of supervisor is moving group towards performance, attaining of predefined tasks and goals. Supervisors lead other teachers in instruction to make them as effective as possible. Supervisors‟ declaration: This Project has been submitted with our approval as University supervisors. The supervisory role is one of the functions of a school operation that has been and continues to be a very challenging aspect of administration in secondary schools. >^���4���h��I�iS�hZ5��Ny-�ʌG�#.���v�Ѽϣ�9��쒆�n0~cE�D2I�Fj��%2���6U�8��D:�'i��$�5��؋�����cR�9� The supervisory roles of the school head covers matters on personnel, instructional programmes, discipline, use and maintenance of school plant. The Inspector is (he chief link between the department of education and the schools under his jurisdiction. Role of Supervisor: Supervisor plays two important roles: 1. For this the supervisor has to supervise the following aspects of the school environment: b. He has the power of supervising the work of the Sub-Inspector of schools. Rev. endstream endobj startxref To be a teacher in Finland is not an easy task, as it is in other countries. b. Remedial instruction . It is the duty of the school head to see to the day to day running of the school. supervision as “what school personnel does with adults and things for the purpose of maintaining or changing the operations of the school in order to directly influence the attainment of the major instructional goals of the school. Privacy Policy 8. A clear perspective of the school’s goals and awareness of its resources and qualities and another is. The scope of supervision is very wide which can be proved from the following aspects of education as the scope of supervision in education: The first and foremost task of the supervisor is how to improve the instruction. So it is now clear that the modern concept of supervision centres round the basic concept of instructional improvement through leadership and co-operation of all the agencies concerned.