She really hit the nail on the head right there, didn't she? I’d just text with the time I’m next available, then drop it. I have a brother like this. The last straw was when he asked me to leave early from work to go to his sister’s birthday party so we won’t hit the traffic but he was late 2 hours and it took us 2.5 hours to get to the place instead of an hour if we left early. a hospital OR block loses positive air pressure, it is deemed contaminated and unusable, (not just inconvenient: downright life-threatening), He had given me a time range of 3-4 that he would be at my house then texted me at 5:10 that he was on his way and would be there at 5:30. At any rate, I in no way intended to shame you or say I was better than you. After divorce, my first boyfriend was also a boundary buster. Coming over last minute and late at night isn’t romantic. For example…schedule drinks on Friday at 6:30 at night and then show up around 7. It’s just how it works. And you know what, once in a while yes, our own anxieties are more important. My Boyfriend is Habitually Late and I’m Sick of It! The thing about labels is that they are rarely based in truth and largely based on an individual’s own preconceived prejudices and judgements. I know he’s going to be late again. I found someone who I considered a better candidate for marriage at the time and broke up with him. What is the Best Dating Site or Best Dating App? Being on a first date can leave a woman with a jumble of emotions, nervousness being one of them. And if you can’t think of just one, then you don’t know yourself very well. Some people here are okay with lateness. “They could build monuments to your self-centeredness”. You don’t text to say you’re not coming when you said, or to check that I’m still interested in the date at that point. It may not solve the problem, but at least he will have a bit more respect for your perspective. To him it was just a practical way of thinking. We’ll get there at 8:40 and we’re fine. But once I understood that a) he really can’t help it, he’s a terrible time manager, to the point of it almost being a disability and b) he absolutely means no disrespect, I sort of got over the issue. SUPER advice, Expat!! My “nothing” was everything that took to run an entire household weekly crammed into 2 weekend days, after my 50 to 60 hour workweek. “Sometimes before leaving for somewhere, I have this burning. I would read, workout etc and be the one that was 15-30 minutes late. As someone with anxiety I would assume you would get it even more. As cute as it might seem that he’s thinking about you at 1 a.m. on a Saturday night after he’s left the bar with his buddies and wants to see you last minute, it’s not cute at all. Tell him it upfront again and the next date if hes not there within 10 minutes of when hes expected you don’t go out. It’s like that old saying about being worried about what others think of you when the reality is most people are are too worried about themselves to worry about what you may be worrying about. I am perpetually early,so to me on time is late :). OK, we fully grasp that you’re neurotic, as per your own admission. I made those meetings pretty well ~~ a 99% attendance over 4 years ~~ but it would take me an entire week to work myself up to getting there on time. And I think I do get better over time. Sure. As you said, it’s just how she’s wired. He paid his bills the day they came in. The next three times he was 1-2 hours late and didn’t even bother to text me until I texted him or until the ACTUAL time we were supposed to meet. Are you done with “Netflix and chill?”

Please save this BS for some dumb girls you’ve been dating. I personally can’t dismiss more than half the world as having a moral failing just because they tend to run late and have a more flexible sense of scheduling. 2) Rather than meeting him places, have him come pick you up. The Real Reason Some of Us Are Chronically Late Being late is stressful, but for many, it beats the alternative. The disrespect of another person’s time is quite difficult to live with long term, especially with children. And with online dating, someone always will! I don’t want to break up with him because again, he’s so perfect everywhere else, but I expect if he says he’s not going to do it again to not. I’m so much like your bf except that I actually HAVE missed airplane flights, lost a dentist for being late to appts. Check out these 10 first-date signs that he’s a keeper and 10 signs that should have you running for the door. If he’s showing any other passive-aggressive behaviours, then you have something to worry about, but there’s nothing in the post to suggest he has. Might turn the table and ask what happened to your multibillion revenue “captains of finance, industry or commerce” (my expression), but given your post, I’d say they made a quick and salutary escape. Being late by over an hour is not even being late. 3) If something is truly important and time-sensitive, stress it to him. In summary, receiving a text from your crush is always nice, but don’t freak out if he’s texting less. And if he doesn’t text for a few days, or he texts you late at night, then he might not be the kind of guy you’re looking for. You always come late, I don't like it. I learned so much from Evan’s training and FOCUS Coaching… I was passionate about meeting someone who respected me, honored me, and really loved me…just for me. The ONLY reason I wasn’t harsher about it right off the bat is because of the nature of the date which was coming over to watch a movie so I could still do things until he showed up BUT it was still highly disrespectful. If he was, he’s a twit. It wasn’t a problem for either of us. I spoke with a male friend about this and he said that if I was a business transaction and had money for him he probably wouldn’t be late. Sign up for this free email training and I’ll tell you the 8 Massive Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships so you never end up feeling this way again. And btw, planes don’t always leave or arrive on time. I dated a girl who was perpetually late. Case closed. Wow, there is such a cultural difference at play here. So Stacy, are you also saying that Evan’s wife is inconsiderate and any of the other adjectives you or Callie applied here? Living in the U.S. there isn’t much leeway, but after living my whole life stressing about the damn clock, I decided to get rid of all the clocks in my house except my cell phone, and just chill out. I understand that life happens, but he’s literally been late to every single date. I’m absolutely not defending tardiness. The next time they are late, sit them down away from others to chat. May be the way I chew cereal drives my b/f insane for example, but that is not at all the same thing and I think we can agree on that. One hour turns into 2, 3, 4… MDs face similar conditions. I was living in a one-bathroom apartment! I’m not even the only person in his life who does this. Sometimes I run late, sometimes I don’t. In the inevitable wrangling post breakup…he said “But you changed your standard”   I said…”you never met my standard, and this was always temporary”. Are You Dating A Man Going Through A Divorce. The dating coach’s wife, like your boyfriend, was habitually late. That’s a deal breaker for you. Sometimes they don’t know how to do that, but my boyfriend really wants to make me happy….