Cold opening: Dr. Henry Kissinger announces that he's Dave's latest guest host, only to learn rather abruptly that Dave isn't sick anymore. 'Family loves you and now God has you.' Alan goes berzerk and chases a man outside. "Cousin Dupree" is a song by Steely Dan from their 2000 album Two Against Nature.The song describes the desire a young man (Dupree) has for his attractive cousin. Even The Horse Showed It's Sympathy For The Girl Who Just Couldn't Climb Up, This Video Is A Challenge To Hold Your Laughter, Cuddly Dog Gives Morning Kisses After Waking Up From Sleep, Skinny Guys Who Transformed Into Muscular Hunk, If You Look Once, You'll Miss Out On Stuff, 25 Women Inappropriately Dressed For Walmart, The Images That Were Clicked On The Perfect Moment, Carey Mulligan and the Promising Young Woman Cast Comment on the Complexities of the Culturally Relevant Film, Tom Hanks Says His New Period Piece Film Has a Message for Our Modern-Day Tough Times, Marigold Ice Unity Displaying Their Synchronizing Performance, Evolution Of Students Going To School From 1960, Brave Boy Saves A Little Girl From Under The Car. Steely Dan have announced that their 2020 Earth After Hours Tour with Steve Winwood has been rescheduled. A man pretending to be Les Moonves delivers a, Campaign 2000: Dave mentions the final episode of. Steely Dan with David Letterman: March 3, 2000 (recording date) Cousin Dupree is performed with Donald on Key-tar Steely Dan on Letterman Plays Cousin Dupree … Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction … Dave announces he's 41 today because he's not counting his 12 years at NBC; during a segment called "Job Hunting Tips," a barbershop quartet sings intern Bob Dickerson's resume; Richard Simmons calls up Daddy to wish him a happy birthday, and Dave promptly hangs up on him. Appearances by bands on late-night talk shows have never been all that memorable--the last one I saw was Steely Dan doing "Cousin Dupree" (or was it "Jack of Speed") on Letterman, and it was a stiff, uncomfortable, rushed A cannon called the Alludium 2000 Pumpkin Modulator, along with its operator Max Teasdale, wait to launch a giant pumpkin into orbit on 53rd Street. Dave suggests that someone on the staff is messing around with his chair; during "Campaign 2000," Maria Pope tells Dave that there has been no word from the Bush camp; George Plimpton reads the new Harry Potter book, but not aloud; Ween performs "Even If You Don't.". ", Throughout the night, staffer Brian Donahue falls down staircases. David Letterman - March 3. Dave tries to call Sumner Redstone's office, then persuades Ricki Lake to make a crank call to Oprah. Joe Haden fills in for Alan; Warren Zevon fills in for Paul; Rupert walks over to the CBS Store and reviews the new fall shows on CBS; Michael J. Dave demonstrates the "magic" of decaffeinated coffee by mixing food coloring in water. ", Nathan Lane is the latest fill-in host, and he introduces a short film about the many perks of taking over for Dave. Mark Borchardt presents his interview with former Presidential candidate Gary Bauer. Dave rants about the CBS/Viacom merger; Kevin James promotes a new comedy special. Later, Dave presents "Top Ten Things That Sound Creepy When Said by John Malkovich.". David Letterman - March 3. Late Show with David Letterman Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Steely Dan promotes its first album in two decades, "Two Against Nature," with a brief chat with Dave and a performance of "Cousin Dupree. During CBS Mailbag, Mujibur and Sirajul debate "Do you like monkeys? "Cousin Dupree" is the first single from Steely Dan's 2000 album Two Against Nature. ", Maria tells Dave that newscaster/hottie Daljit Dhaliwal has been booked for next week, while Dave announces that he's doing a favor for a cop who stopped him for speeding recently by having him appear on the show. Also, Hank Hill (of "King of the Hill") wishes Dave to get well. Later, Alan promotes a film he just produced called "For the Ladies" (which turns out to be weightlifting porn flick). Pat and Kenny play Frisbee on the roof; the latest roll call introduces us to such people behind-the-scenes as Tony Mendez's puppet-master, Dave's fiancé and Paul's girlfriend (the same woman), and a staffer who's still living in his Y2K bunker; Dave suggests that a proposed Bush-Gore debate on the show will utilize Jai Alai scoring. Also, during tonight's Open Mic in the Mojave Desert, a technician tests the open mike and adjusts the height. All Rights Reserved. Also, Shawn Wayans promotes Scary Movie and talks current events. Also, Dave has Rupert make a Hello Deli's latest menu addition, the kosher-friendly "Paul Shaffer Sandwich," and a few minutes later Rupert delivers it to its namesake. Biff devours the first robin of spring; the disgusting Turkish guy disappears; Pat and Kenny toss Matthew Broderick's birthday cake off the roof. 2000 (recording date) 'Cousin Dupree' is performed with Don on Key-tar 05. Dave drops his flipped pencil; during Mailbag, "Bob Knight" (Gerard) cannibalizes one of his players; Dave discusses his new chair. is finally performed in its entirety; Biff counts a total of 1,482 people in the United States. 2000 (recording date) 'Cousin Dupree' is performed with Don on Key-tar 05. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones sits in; with nothing to discuss, "Campaign 2000" lasts exactly six seconds; during Mailbag, Dave and Paul star in the new crime drama "Good Cop, Good Cop. Also, the Turkish guy has been promoted to stagehand. ", Laurie Diamond brings Dave a new cup of coffee after someone steals his mug; during Mailbag, Gerard comments on, An old man (not Calvert) shuffles his feet onstage at the end of the monologue, then walks away; for Campaign 2000, Maria introduces Stacey Stillman, the first, Dave announces the birth of Kathy Mavrikakis' daughter; George Clarke is now trapped in the boiler room with two prostitutes, and then declares himself a "Volcano God"; Isaac Hayes conducts an orchestra performing the theme from. Mujibur and Sirajul sample food at Hello Deli; an ad for "Late Show on Tour," with Jackie Mason playing Dave; In honor of tonight's guest, Dave announces that he will no longer make any more jokes relating to Dan Quayle. Backstage, Day 8: Former "Tomorrow" and "Late Late Show" host Tom Snyder trades a bon mot or two with Norm MacDonald and Don Rickles. CNN World Beat - March 3. 2000 interviews and rehearsal footage/06. 2000 interviews and rehearsal footage/06. His cousin Derek Dupree added: 'No one should pass judgment cause life is hard and it's all about survival, you lived your life only off of what you knew. Tonight's clips: Robin storms out of the backdrop (see Show #0001); Dave meets Frisco hippie. Dave announces that this is the season finale; Dave and Maria bid farewell to Rob Burnett, who will now be busy at work with, above the stage; Ringo Starr and the All-Starr Band sing "With a Little Help from My Friends. Amongst the clips: Steve mans a projector to show a clip from his latest movie (see Show #0499); the Top Ten list from the, fifth anniversary special, with Jerry Seinfeld escorting Dave's mom onstage; Dave hangs out with Olympic judges (see Show #0963). Dave tells another dentist-related horror story; in "New for Fall," Mujibur and Sirajul star in the Bollywood musical "Basanta Gan Gaibay"; Evander Holyfield presents the Top Ten, but Lennox Lewis interrupts to introduce #1; in his first Late Show appearance, Russell Crowe promotes The Insider. Also, Alan interrupts "Campaign 2000" to announce he's been reunited with his fat German son. Paul Rodgers of Bad Company sits in on vocals; after Dave worries about possible civil disobedience in downtown LA after the Lakers' NBA Championship, Harold Larkin opens the door to reveal rioting outside the theater; Mark Wahlberg promotes The Perfect Storm, Deftones performed "Change. Christine Todd Whitman presents Paul's license. Dave trims off half of his tie; Alan has a crying jag over Kathie Lee Gifford's departure from her daytime talk show; Dave and Jon Stewart discuss politics. 2000 interviews and rehearsal footage 06. Paul says his 86-year-old father, Bernard Shaffer, had a quintuple bypass yesterday and later Bruce Kapler admits that his dad had a mere double bypass a year ago. Kathie Lee Gifford becomes the latest guest host to alternate with Dave while he continues to recuperate from heart surgery. 2000 interviews and rehearsal footage/06. Security boss Bill DeLace disrupts last night's Gore-Bradley debate; your 1999 World Champion New York Yankees present the Top Ten; Denzel Washington plugs "The Bone Collector.". Later, Dave chats with Jean Jordan, the stripper-turned-writer who was eliminated from "Big Brother 1.". The song describes the desire a young man (Dupree) has for his attractive cousin. ", NYC Marathon winners Joseph Chebet (of Kenya) and Adrianna Fernandez (of Mexico) run across the stage; Dave mentions that staff members Jay Johnson, Fred Dhimizu and Patty McDonald ran in the same marathon; Kenny Sheehan performs in the Broadway revival of "Annie.". Later, Macy Gray sings "I Try. ", Ted Nugent sits in; Dave rants about the "wild island sex" on. The song's lyrics describe the sexual desires the titular Dupree has for his attractive cousin. Later, former Spice Girl Melanie C sings "I Turn To You. Backstage, Day 5: Paul hosts again, this time with Dave's buddies Steve Martin and Billy Crystal. Dave announces the premiere of "Good Old-Fashioned Fun," which includes Harold Larkin making a snow angel in mayonnaise and Mujibur and Sirajul racing to the death in a soap box derby. ", Tonight on Campaign 2000, Dave honors a bald audience member; Matthew McConaughey plugs. James Earl Jones reads excerpts from Richard Simmons' new autobiography; "Biff Henderson's America" spends a couple of days in Calhoun, Missouri; a man pretending to be Les Moonves promotes the new game show. Steely Dan with David Letterman: March 3, 2000 (recording date) Cousin Dupree is performed with Donald on K... Steely Dan with David Letterman: March 3, 2000 (recording date) Cousin Dupree is performed with Donald on Key-tar. Steely Dan is an American rock band founded in 1972 by core members Walter Becker (guitars, bass, backing vocals) and Donald Fagen (keyboards, lead vocals). CNN 'Show Biz Today' interview with Becker & Fagen, plus an exclusive live performance of Cousin Dupree 2000. CBS Mailbag calls out a viewer that doesn't proofread; in his first LSDL appearance, Jude Law plugs The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tonight's clips: Dave shows film footage of Mike as a Canadian Cub Scout; Mike wishes his mom a happy birthday (see. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction … ", Dave brags that he's going to a gin n' tonic party after the show to look for some babes; during Mailbag, Biff blows Dan Rather's head off; a social worker named Lauren is the first real decoy to appear on "Staffer- Not a Staffer. "Biff Henderson's America" wrecks havoc in Badger, Minnesota, while Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull performs from his new album. Craig Kilborn promotes some talk show that comes on after Dave's. An audience member names all ten of her grandkids; the entire theater is filled with mosquito spray; Kathie Lee returns to present the Top Ten. Amongst the clips: Drew flashing Dave on his 48th birthday; Drew and Dave getting married one month after said clip; ten beautiful women present the Top. 2000 interviews and rehearsal footage 06. During a segment called "What They're Doing to Boost Their Ratings," magician John Bundy makes a cue card disappear. Dave shows a CNN clip and a newspaper article pertaining to the jury duty controversy; during "Campaign 2000," Paul admits he had a nightmare involving Maria Pope; Caroline Rhea discusses relationships. Dave repeats the footage of the dog bite from last week, now claiming that a "wild dingo" gave him rabies; Dave says George W. Bush is "(as) dumb as a box of tools"; after his interview, Tom Brokaw walks straight back to Rockefeller Center. Later, Meatloaf promotes "Crazy in Alabama. Later, Harold Larkin tells one of the "True Stories of the Late Show Stagehands": He walks into a mysterious closet backstage, falls into a black hole, then walks out in a nonchalant fashion. A dog that fetches beer appears on "Stupid Human Tricks"; Dave rants that all the other talk shows are copying the aforementioned segment; another Open Mic Night in the Mohave Desert turns up nothing; Rudy Giuliani presents the Top Ten. Also, while cooking with Martha Stewart, Dave attempts to juggle eggs. ", For no apparent reason, the CEO of Qualcomm presents Dave with a check for $25,000. Also, Dr. Lou Arrone does his seasonal audience flu shots. When The Camera Captures The Right Moment, Lady Unintentionally Tried To Kill Herself With An Ax, Dance Moves Gone Wrong And She Tasted Some Filth, One Of The Toughest Move In The Skating History. Also, Roberta Glasspari and The East Harlem Violinists (subjects of the film "Music of the Heart") perform with soloist Mark O'Connor. Dave shows a clip that shows that even though he's only been on the network for two weeks, but there's already trouble on Bryant Gumbel's Early Show. Dave confesses that he has a slight crush on British news anchor Daljit Dhaliwal. Fox discusses his health-related "retirement" from television. 1999: During CBS Mailbag, Pat Farmer presents "Great Pats throughout History." Dave finally meets Daljit Dhaliwal, who seems more interested in discussing world affairs then responding to Dave's thinly-veiled flirting. Paul is introduced as Gaston Mazacani; Rob tells a funny story about an incident he had with a cab driver; during a segment called "What I like about Spring," Alan unwittingly admits that he's on the down low. Live via satellite from Indianapolis, Mrs. Dorothy Letterman stands in her kitchen while Dave guesses what pies she baked for Thanksgiving. During CBS Mailbag, Alan Kalter promotes his Millenium Party, which looks like a disaster in the making. Alive in America is a live album by the American jazz rock group Steely Dan, released in 1995. Backstage, Day 9: Tom Snyder's still here, and this time he hosts Mike Myers, Roseanne Barr, and Bonnie Hunt. "Biff Henderson's America" visits the ranching community of Meeteetse, WY. Dave announces that next year, the show will be rechristened "Late Show 2000," while Roger Ebert promotes his revamped talk show. Later, Sting performs "Brand New Day.". A new controversy brews as Dave claims he's going to dust his chair for "ass prints"; Harold Larkin is attacked by a giant can of Off! Dave announces that the show is adopting (and thus protecting) Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez; Rupert makes a Biff Henderson sandwich for Paul, but not for Biff; Dave mentions that he received a phone call from Johnny Carson shortly after his shout-out last week. getting clobbered playing ice hockey; BB King and Dr. John performed "Is You Or Is you Ain't My Baby.". Dave mangles the song "Memory," while Rupert and Tony Randall are invited to "Campaign 2000" but have absolutely nothing worth saying. Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell sit in; Dave announces the blood test following last week's tick incident came out negative; in homage to a trend that sweeping various TV shows nowadays, "Campaign 2000" is shown in letterbox; independent film maker. Tonight's clips: Dave hijacks the Butterball turkey hotline (see Show #1345); a Top Ten remote from Bill DeLace; Alec shares child-rearing tips with Dave. © 2020 Metacafe, LLC. The band recently posted a letter on their Web site claiming that Wilson's Dupree character was based on their Grammy-winning song, "Cousin Dupree," about a couch-hopping houseguest. Joe G. joins Mujibur and Sirajul to play "Where Can I Get a Decent Meal in This Town?" Cousin Dupree peforming at The Spotlight in Binghamton, NY. Later, Dave brings up the recently-announced discovery that most gay men have unusual finger length, so Dave, Paul and Biff (in a dress) check their hands. Cousin Dupree live on The Late Show with David Letterman 2000. CNN World Beat - March 3. Dorothy) present the Top Ten, though it wouldn't become a yearly tradition until 2002. Show #GH4 Episode 102 2000 interviews and rehearsal footage 06. Nadine, Andrea, Sirajul (but not Mujibur) and Joe G. play "Who Wants to Win a Giant Phony Check for $1,000,000?" As a condolence, Dave presents the mayor with a gazebo, courtesy of "Gazebo Weekly.". NYPD Blue and Letterman KT2000 Feb 2019 #24 Homicide: Life On The Street Dem2theMax Feb 2019 #26 I'm with you on Homicide hotrod0808 Mar 2019 #147 They sure did. - Michael Jackson (recorded 1982) Regis comes out for his interview with the disgusting Turkish guy, and later Dave tells him he's scheduled for an angiogram tomorrow morning. Backstage, Day 6: In the cold opening, Paul tries to hit on Drew Barrymore. Tonight's edition of "True Stories of the Late Show Stagehands" finds Pat and Kenny in a plane crash over the Andes, where they're reduced to cannibalism. David Letterman - March 3. Throughout the night, various members of the Philadelphia Flyers shoot pucks at a cardboard cutout of Dave. Patrick Stewart and the Taco Bell chihuahua star in "A Christmas Carol;" Biff performs a holiday-themed duet with a cardboard cutout of Celine Dion. CNN World Beat - March 3. Later, Dave chats with President Clinton's press secretary Joe Lockhart. Also, Dr. Lou Arrone gives flu shots to the audience. Biff goes outside to count sweaty people; during "Campaign 2000," Alan interrupts Maria with a soulful rendition of "Send in the Clowns. Dave shows a dumb picture of him outside, then gets marksman Armando Aiello to shoot paint balls at it; Dave disses Harmony Korine, who made some choice comments after getting bumped the other night; Mike McIntee and Bill DeLace guard. スティーリー・ダン 『 TV and Rare Clips 1973-2001 DVD 』 Steely Dan 詳細 70年代からミュージシャンや音楽通の間で熱烈な支持を得てきたスティーリー・ダンの貴重なレア映像コレクションが登場!73年デビュー当時の「ドゥ・イット・アゲイン」「リーリン・イン・ジ Feeling a little warm, Dave takes off his coat and does most of the show in just his shirt and tie; in "Who Asked For It?" Cousin Dupree - Steely Dan Tribute Band - Babylon Sisters - Duration: 5:59. CNN World Beat - March 3. デュプリー/DUPREE (東山/フレンチ)の店舗情報は食べログでチェック! 【禁煙】口コミや評価、写真など、ユーザーによるリアルな情報が満載です!地図や料理メニューなどの詳細情報も充実。 |. Peg, Jack of Speed and Kid CNN 'Show Biz Today' interview with Becker & Fagen, plus an exclusive live performance of Cousin Dupree … True Hollywood Story"; after two close calls, Dave finally meets Meryl Streep; Jenny McCarthy plugs Scream 3; Foo Fighters performed "Learn to Fly.".