Feral Cats. Snohomish County Animal Services administers the County pet and kennel licensing programs. Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control Laws and Services The Laws pertaining to animals can be found in the Criminal Law Section, Title 10. If you suspect animal cruelty or neglect or have concerns about a pet's health or living condition, please contact Everett Animal Control. The parish animal laws are in addition to the state-wide animal laws. 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98119 In all public areas including parks, walkways, playgrounds, streets, and common areas all dogs must be leashed. Get to Animal Control. The Animal Management Division (AMD) responds to calls from citizens and residents regarding several animal related concerns. Understanding how your local government and animal control work is an important part of effectively advocating for cats in your community. Fees. Knowing your community’s animal-related ordinances and properly caring for your pets will help make your neighborhood a better place for everyone. Animal Control Officers are responsible for providing emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hours of Operation: Please visit for this link for COVID-19 hours and instructions. Corona Animal Services & Enforcement "We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves" - G.T. Corona Animal Services & Enforcement "We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves" - G.T. Sundays and after hours we only have one standby officer on call for emergencies (calls that have a police officer standing by). Animal Control Officers are on routine patrol from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m., seven days a week. Failure to carry equipment for removing feces OR failure to place feces in appropriate receptacle. 6-14): Any animal that bites a person must be reported to the police or animal control and be placed on quarantine for a period of 10 days. by George J. Eigenhauser, Jr.. Snohomish County Government     3000 Rockefeller Avenue     Everett, WA 98201     Phone: License a commercial kennel or pet business, What to do if you find a pet or livestock, Report a barking dog or other animal nuisance, Report neglect, animals at large, or dangerous animals. Learn more at the City of Seattle vaccination page. We are here for you. Animal Care Services Field Operations Division is responsible for protecting the health and safety of the citizens and their pets in the City of San Antonio. Does your issue concern wildlife? Our Animal Control officers respond to calls for service associated with animals such as cats, dogs, and livestock. Animal Control Email 1832 Rosemont Ave. Frederick, MD 21702 Ph: 301-600-1546 Fx: 301-600-1547 Animal Control Officers Ph: 301-600-1544 Ph: 301-600-1603 (Emergency After Hours) Office Hours - 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. If you witness a person inflicting harm or injury on animal, call 911 right away. It is responsible for protecting public health and safety by enforcing local, state and federal laws and regulations that pertain to domesticated animals and … Animal Control Complaints . To reclaim your pet, you must pay an impound fee of $20 (one-time fee per animal) and a kennel fee of $5 per day. Corona Animal Shelter, Animal Control. Dog owners and ethical breeders are increasingly being targeted. Fax: (206) 386-4285, A division of Finance and Administrative Services - Ann Graves, Director, Public-facing Counters Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice, Learn more at the City of Seattle vaccination page, Removing animal from A/C vehicle or shelter, Not removing feces from another’s property, Not providing treatment for a sick animal, Not having animal (except cats/pigeons) on leash, Permitting animal in fountain or school ground, Permitting animal to violate the noise ordinance, Tethering an animal so it can enter street.