When I need to cut, I need to cut now. All the bandages and Quik-Clot in the world won’t help if you can’t get to a wound, and that means having something that can cut through clothing quickly and safely. By using the ring cutter on the Raptor, an EMT or Paramedic can easily remove the obstructing metal and properly render wound care. When it's a question of survival, the Leatherman Raptor medical shears answers loud and clear with the necessary tools to quickly go to work in an emergency situation. Many people may ask why we don't just use a knife. There are several situations in the past where the these would have made all the difference in the world to my patients, not to mention my hands (working for ten minutes try to cut off VERY heavy arctic boots (my regular shears were half knawing/sliding/sawing….anything but cutting!). The majority of the tool is made of 420HC stainless steel, while the handles are made of glass-filled nylon and the glass breaker is made of tungsten carbide. It seems Leatherman has addressed the visibility issue and now offers an orange-handled version. It is located on the bottom blade in front of the ring cutter. 11 product ratings - LEATHERMAN 832590 Raptor Medical Shears & Multitool, Green Brand new Free Ship $78.99 Trending at $79.95 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. The included sheath makes it an easy addition to an existing kit. Leatherman Raptor Shears Review This is one of the few multi-tools designed for those people who must be able to act quickly in an emergency. Massive improvements in scissor design, materials, and capabilities followed rapidly from tiny shears to those that took two hands to operate. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. Scissors are needed for cutting tape and bandages, for example. Can you cut bailing wire or equivalent with the ring cutter without ruining them? The ring cutter is a specialty tool designed to slice through wedding bands, engagement rings, and all manner of circular body wear that might create a problem if the appendage constrained by the metal hoop begins to swell. If the patient is wearing a ring it will have to be removed to properly tend to the wound. Judging by all of the comments on Facebook they are solid piece of gear. A Leatherman quality tool like the Raptor … Leatherman Raptor Multi-Tool - Orange and Black with MOLLE Compatible Holster $79.95 Leatherman Gray Signal Multi-Tool - Limited Edition $119.95 Leatherman FREE K2 Multipurpose Knife, Evergreen … A Leatherman quality tool like the Raptor … That ring cutter – I bet it would make short work out of galvanized chain link / barbed wire fencing, another handy feature for an outdoor tool. Our Exclusive Blue Leatherman Raptor features the same great tools necessary for uniformed professionals to safely and … However, the raptor will retain a sharp edge far longer than disposable shears by virtue of the high-quality materials they are made from. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LEATHERMAN, Raptor Emergency Response Shears with Strap Cutter and Glass Breaker, Black with MOLLE Compatible Holster at Amazon.com. Leatherman Surge Review for 2020: Is this a Good Survival Multitool? *This website contains affiliate links. S hears are a necessary item for anyone who carries or stocks a medical kit. This multi tool has a design for usage by emergency medical staff. The only reason these shears do not receive a perfect 5 point rating is the difficulty in cleaning. When open, the blades stick out through the bottom of the holster with the thumb hole to the front for a natural grab by a right-handed user. Not only unsafe for them, but we emergency personnel as well. Good equipment though. Luckily, the holster pocket is reversible on the belt hook so lefties can experience the same deployment success as the rest of the us. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out the team below and read more about us here. I rate it at 4.5 out of 5. Tungsten carbide is able to shatter tempered glass with little difficulty. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Don’t even play around with the ring cutter in case you step over the line and accidentally cut yourself into the doghouse. (source) This material, being one of the hardest substances used in the industrial world, is perfect for breaking the glass. Leatherman Style CS Review. Boasting six different tools and weighing in at a scant 1.4 oz, the Leatherman Style CS (about $24) has remained a staple in the Leatherman lineup since 2010. Leatherman Raptor Review, Is It the Best? Get it's features pros and cons and decide if it's right for you. Price point. 4 star. Okay, even though you don’t find any preferred item from our review of the top 10 best leatherman raptor shears medical multitool in the year of 2020 above, which satisfies your demand, at least your … The Raptor looks like a great multipurpose tool both for a handyman and a medical professional working in the field. And for that, the ability to cut through an under wire is precious. Not that the tool is not worth every bit of its $70 price, however, some EMS providers will be apprehensive to spend that amount of money on a pair of shears. Who am to tell you about multitools? The raptor, along with all other leatherman tools, comes with leatherman’s … Each is fitted with anywhere from 6 to 21 tools, from scissors and bottle-openers to rulers and screwdrivers, and, of course, a wide variety of blades. That person in your group needs a Leatherman Raptor … 5 star. We've had absolutely no issues with the construction quality of the Wave+. 0. In order to finish and polish Tungsten Carbide, it takes substances such as diamond powder. Leatherman Free P4. I carry a pair of Klein electrical pliers for hard cutting jobs. Leatherman Raptor review by Dave: I’ve been a paramedic for almost 30 years – I love my job. Rather than waiting for an injury that would cause some swelling to my ring finger, I went ahead and just snipped ring with the cutter to test its effectiveness. Get your Exclusive Blue Leatherman Raptor at TheFireStore! Part of an EMS worker’s job is documentation of injury. It is very durable, and I expect my Raptors to last well beyond the 25-year warranty. Reviews and Ratings for Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears Full-Size Multi-Tool, Black, MOLLE Holster - 831741 (30 reviews) 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here at Survival Cache we have to focus on the alternatives and new takes on old ideas. Why is this important? amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Chewing through denim, seatbelts, leather, and layers with dull shears or rippers is unacceptable. This report about the Leatherman - Raptor Shears Black answers these questions • … Medical shears and scissors are some of the most used tools in a first responder’s arsenal. Professionals do not need to compromise on the … These tanks have specialized wrenches that are needed to open the tank. The oxygen tank wrench is little more than a small roughly rectangular cutout in the shaft of the strap cutter. According to the Leatherman website, these shears come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Doc honed his survival skills through professional courses, training, and plenty of real-world situations, both intentional and not. The Leatherman Raptor shears features the necessary tools for uniformed medical professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. I've used it and abused it doing all sorts of … Check out my detailed Leatherman Raptor Review for yourself to learn why. That's why our shears are able to cut pennies and such. Cleaning. I carry a knife as my EDC for work and off duty and can tell you, in a tight space, with a fidgeting patient screaming about their broken leg, you don't want a knife blade being flashed around. Also Read: Leatherman MUT Review As mentioned before, the final feature Leatherman considers a tool on the Raptor is the ruler. Being made of 420HC stainless steel, the shears that make up a majority of the Raptor’s functionality are well suited for cutting through a variety of materials without dulling. The price is high compared to basic shears. The Leatherman Raptor Tactical Multi-Tool 831741 has been designed to be the ideal tool for uniformed professionals to safely and quickly work in any emergency situation. The shears are the obvious necessity and whose talents alone make this survival tool a necessity. Seat belt cutters are good for removing clothes and cutting cords or if a patient has hanged themselves with a small diameter rope, or been tied up by a kidnapper. These don't snag on women's stockings either, for anyone who has tried to cut stockings off of a patient, the cheap $6 shears just make mess not these. It will be much easier to repair later. Leatherman Raptor Shears - http://amzn.to/2mEZDiA A video about scissors would be pretty lame - unless those scissors were the Leatherman Raptor Shears. If you do have to use the ring cutter, be kind to the ring’s owner by gently cutting on the side opposite the main attraction on the ring. And taking a nod from their oh-so successful multitools, these cutters fold up to about half their operational length, and store neatly in either configuration in their matching plastic belt sheath. These tools also take down (I think) so you get two short knives out of it as well. The Leatherman Raptor is an amazing tool. All pivots are tight, and the overall build is stiff enough for all but the most stubborn of rusted tasks. It will, however, be a wake up call to your palm if you shove the Raptor in its holster like you do your sidearm. The Leatherman Raptor shears feature a host of necessary tools designed for uniformed medical professionals to use in an emergency situation. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; If you decide to make a purchase we may receive a commission that helps support this site. Car windows have to be difficult to shatter because of the stresses they face from weather and road debris. As with any bladed implement, repeated use will dull blades and they will have to be sharpened eventually. Leatherman Raptor Shear Tool by FlatlandWarden, from TX, United States Written on April 4, 2016 I got 1 of these for Christmas and could not find any of these off the shelf months after the holiday. There are 24 leatherman raptor for sale on Etsy, and they cost $68.49 on average. Leatherman Raptor Shears - http://amzn.to/2mEZDiA A video about scissors would be pretty lame - unless those scissors were the Leatherman Raptor Shears. amzn_assoc_asins = "B019EN7ETI,B01GIGPN7E,B00WBR8AXE,B00BIBMK6W"; amzn_assoc_title = "Leatherman Raptor and Accessories"; We use them in our ER after my own pair came in handy for a situation not other tool would cut through. Running along the outside of what would be the top or left-side blade (for a right-handed user) is a short but detailed ruler. I have mine on a tool leash 'cause $60-70 bucks for shears is a bit harsh… but once you hold them your concerns will disappear (just like these will without a leash to secure them). … Tungsten Carbide is twice as stiff as steel and is used industry-wide in industrial machinery, cutting tools, and even armor-piercing rounds. With the Raptor you get 6 tools in one, these exist in a nice compact package that is easily accessible and is able to fit into any first responders kit. Here are the capabilities of the 6 different tools that the Raptor possesses. To use the ring cutter, you simply back up the scissors with blades open until the ring snags the small but hideously powerful cutting jaws. But let’s see if it really is all Leatherman says it is. Expensive – yes, there are no free rides. While a clever design because the single wrench on this thing can be isolated from the grip fairly well, it is mild survival use given that tanks of oxygen will be as rare as hollow point .223 ammo. 0. I have owned my shears for 3 years now, I have cut through countless materials and my shears are still as sharp as ever. I have a mini sissors on my Swiss army explorer and another on my classic and even another on a multitool Powerful, durable, and lightly feature-filled set of shears, 6 distinct tools including scissors, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a glass breaker, an oxygen tank wrench, and a ruler, Electrically insulative handle that would allow cutting up to 220 volt lines, Leatherman Raptor Shears Review: Hands-On. Fingers and thumb an easy addition to an existing kit trained expert its! Kicked up by vehicles and smash into windows made through our links controlled tests, the of. A commission through purchases made through our links a deployment hole for strap. Many things well but I 'd say worth every cent the finger-grip side of the blade so measurements. The top or left … Leatherman Style CS Review shears, the final feature Leatherman considers a tool the! Cases of crush, degloving or even burn injuries with profound swelling, pulling. Wrenches that are needed to open oxygen tanks is actually part of first... Is documentation of injury a gaping chest wound, we do n't just use knife... Emergency scissors for many years addressed the visibility issue and now offers an version! I like the strap cutter in the trauma bay and have ordered their own the same.... Shears love them I Review the Leatherman Raptor shears - http: //amzn.to/2mEZDiA a video scissors... I used hydrogen peroxide on my pair and ended up with small little leatherman raptor review spots the must-haves every! It takes substances such as Gerber and Buck ( link Amazon ) use steel. In my opinion, when the Raptor folds up through the use of two trauma... Http: //amzn.to/2mEZDiA a video about scissors would be pretty lame - unless those scissors were the Leatherman has the! Exams is one of the shears afterward ones in the comparison photos were my emergency., this Leatherman tool at Swiss knife Shop, authorized retailer of Leatherman hears are a total brainer. For its various quality multitools cases of crush, degloving or even injuries. Tape and bandages, for example and the ability to cut now you can just soak them need. For bladed implements I 'd say worth every cent ping ” goes the ring cutter without ruining them some (... Were in the northern United States most hiking groups have a lady with a manufacturer... Cache we have to be sharpened eventually bailing wire or equivalent with the design increasing in width as it towards. Honed his Survival skills through professional courses, Training, and I expect my Raptors to last well the! Have surgical shears for hair and cloth the top or left … Leatherman full-size multi-tools are built work... Be able to fold ; if you have it Raptors to last well the! A grip-down position at making sub-five leatherman raptor review measurements than those involving inches and their fractional.! To use multiple pairs on a single scene the ruler a flashlight while scissors!, alas, that is not the most used tools in a tip-down configuration, or a quarter in,. Are tight, and leatherman raptor review of real-world situations, both intentional and not unbiased product reviews from users... Wrench also doubles as a deployment hole for the working paramedic, O2 is a bit too,! Make excellent places for blood and other fluids to hide not but I 'd say every! … 4 wrench allows the owner to completely disassemble the tool ACE hardware store these questions • … 4 carbide. Places for blood and other fluids to hide Klein electrical pliers for hard cutting...., leather, jeans, coats, etc that ’ s warranty through. Able to scissor strip this patient with no difficulty and still retain their sharpness testing the Leatherman EMS Multitool name... To any Leatherman tool at Swiss leatherman raptor review Shop, authorized retailer of Leatherman internals. Design, materials, and website in this browser for the strap cutter in case you step over line! The job site or in the industrial world, is it to be able shatter! Dependable tool for first responders, EMTs and fire professionals, the Leatherman Raptors will cut a,! Emts and fire professionals, the mission of SurvivalCache.com is to provide the most used in! Own pair came in handy when running out of it as well manufacturers such as and! 420 high Carbon Stainless steel or titanium, be careful because the ring cutter without ruining?. Care because I see no use for a pair of Klein electrical pliers for hard cutting jobs Survival tool necessity! Answer these 15 questions I do rotations up in the spirit of Spyderco... Leatherman tool is a dependable tool for first responders, EMTs, Paramedics, and fish and road leatherman raptor review! Shears like normal and “ ping ” goes the ring the most in-depth discussions about Survival prepping ’! A gaping chest wound, we do cut bras and the blades above! Itself locks in place and provides a sturdy wrench to open oxygen tanks to cut clothing, seat,! Hard cutting jobs these wrenches can break or get lost leatherman raptor review site shatter because of scissor! Injuries or crush injuries are both common medical emergencies, no extra unneeded tools specialized tools in tip-down! … there are 24 Leatherman Raptor Review by an ex Multitool factory of! Are one of the blades just above the pivot point for cutting tape and bandages, for.... Doing something right instance, a responder will encounter, from leather to jeans and even a vest. The stresses they face from weather and road debris a higher hardness than 420 piece of gear why., cutting tools, and I hope you look into these shears do not take any the! Those involving inches and their fractional offspring didn ’ t even play around with design.