General Marketing Standards of Regulation (EU) No. Read more on the various food-safety management systems at the. Apart from some reports about delays, nothing out of the ordinary is reported in Europe. During the mid-1600s, the royalty commanded their gardeners to find ways to grow this fruit at their homelands. Global Leader of Authentic Asian sauces and ingredients since 1888. Try to avoid competition with the dominant pineapple companies. From the moment that they were introduced to Britain in the 15th century, it became immediately clear that they could not … In 10 years, the production of pineapple has increased by more than 55, 000 tonnes. Pineapple, perennial plant of the family Bromeliaceae and its edible fruit. In cooperation with several Business Support Organizations we’ve studies the potential of West African countries as suppliers of fresh fruit, processed fruit and edible nuts to Europe. The main imported variety is the sweet MD2 pineapple. Map. Products containing more pesticides than allowed are withdrawn from the European market. Recommended Posts. This portal is an active B2B website for all Food Suppliers and their products like Food. Close. Use storytelling to highlight the origin and producer of your products, and novel packaging and premium quality as methods for distinguishing your product from the rest. The American colonies revered the pineapple just as much as the Europeans did. In manufacturing, pineapple juice is typically canned.. Production in Costa Rica is organised predominantly by large multinational companies. Select the varieties that are easy to cut, and add consumer information about peeling and cutting. Numerous pineapple varieties may be used to manufacture commercial pineapple juice, the most common of which are Smooth Cayenne, Red Spanish, Queen, and Abacaxi. The increased attention to health and the environment is also generating interest in organically produced pineapple. Archived. Being part of a stable partnership and a trustworthy supplier can help you to establish and maintain your position in the market. Packaging requirements differ by customer and market segment. 40%. 3.5k. Buyers in Europe tend to prefer long-term partnerships as a means of ensuring the supply and quality of products. The pineapple trade is dominated by the MD2 type variety and a few multinational companies: Dole Food Company, Del Monte Foods, Fyffes and Chiquita. In turn, the fruit became a symbol of generosity, hospitality and, of course, wealth. When European explorers discovered this tropical fruit they called them pineapples (term first recorded in that sense in 1664) because of their resemblance to what is now known as the pine cone. Specialising in a distinctive product can increase your earnings, but you must be price-competitive in every category. The market for organic pineapples is much smaller than the conventional market, but demand is growing and the supply is limited. In the case of pineapples, the best flavour is delivered by air-freighted, sun-ripened fruit, while environmental considerations and price favour transport by sea. In the 17th and 18th centuries, pineapples were a sign of wealth and status. The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with edible fruit. A few specialised buyers provide extra opportunities for socially certified products. Important trade fairs include. Factors like perishability, exclusivity, taste, and exoticism added more value to the fruit. Their rarity in Europe due to a very short shelf life", he explains. The price of the fruit consequently dropped and it was readily available for the common working class too. For a complete overview of buyer initiatives for social compliance, see the, Examine your company’s current performance, for example by completing a self-assessment on the Business Social Compliance Initiative on the. Pineapple juice is a liquid made from pressing the natural liquid from the pulp of the pineapple tropical plant. If you export pineapples without having your own production facilities, focus on alternative or specialised trade channels instead of on the large supply chains. The introduction of the pineapple to Europe in the 17th century made it a significant cultural icon of luxury. Get updated on daily market prices of Pineapple in 210+ countries. Specialist retail, such as fresh grocers, is more dominant in southern Europe. According to the Statistics Division of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (Faostat) Portugal is the only European country that produces pineapples. Select your importer according to your company features in terms of size, target group and type of pineapples. Increase your chances with major buyers by reducing your company’s impact on the environment, and show them your efforts in the area of sustainability. Implementing GRASP provides you with a good basic social certification. In 2018, EU imports of fresh pineapples reached record levels of over one million tonnes, but are likely to have fallen to around 870,000 tonnes in 2020. Make sure that you are supplying the right type and quality in order to fulfil the requirements of European retailers and fresh processing. Fruit and vegetables exported to the European Union must comply with European legislation on plant health. For more information on labelling, packaging and quality, see the Codex Alimentarius Standard for Pineapples or read about food labelling in the EU Trade Helpdesk. 0. Art. In order to supply processors in Europe, you must be able to deliver crownless pineapple. Further, it is the third most important tropical fruit in world … Pineapples are cultivated from a crown cutting of the fruit of the plant. Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. Fresh pineapples are classified according to Size Codes A–H, with average weights (including the crown) ranging from 2750 grams (Size A) to 800 grams (Size H). The fruit followed in its cultivation behind the tomato, corn, potato, and other New World imports. The pineapple is indigenous to South America, where it has been cultivated for many centuries. Pineapple Golf Products GmbH Korschenbroicher Straße 81 41065 Mönchengladbach (Germany) Telefon +49 (0)2161 990 8180 Telefax +49 (0)2161 990 8181 As a West African pineapple exporters you can use these studies to explore your opportunities on the European market. So as an exporter you have the option to select and directly supply the market that suits you best. or look on websites such as, For information on fair trade prices for producers, see the. Costa Rica generated 3.42 million metric tons of pineapples in that year. The major consumer markets in Europe are logical destinations for your export, but you must not ignore the potential of smaller markets and trade hubs. "Cala Sa Boadella", its warm sand, crystal clear waters, are awaiting you. Worldwide production started by 1500 when pineapple was propagated in Europe and the tropical regions of the world. When looking for opportunities in the pineapple trade, distinctiveness and specialised importing companies are key elements for success. The fruit that is believed to be originated in South America was discovered by Christopher Columbus from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe in 1493. In this section you can find 71 Pineapple Juice Suppliers in Europe registered on our portal. Other out-of-home markets, for example gas stations and convenience stop & go shops, primarily sell pre-cut pineapples. Pineapple is a major tropical fruit, which is largely dominated by a few large enterprises. Wifi Pineapple In Europe. The king spent more than 1000 francs a year to maintain the hot-house alone. is required also depends on the destination country, market conditions and market channel. For example, with their superior flavour, ripe, air-freighted Sweet Cayenne pineapples are primarily destined for the specialist and catering segments. For general trade in pineapples, consider establishing direct trade relations with the leading destination markets. This means that, as a smaller supplier, you will have to optimise your performance or distinguish yourself if you want to stay in the game. Pineapples from Costa Rica are transported by sea. Talk to your customers about their requirements and preferences concerning packaging. There are also opportunities in new varieties that have advantages with regard to logistics, convenience and the increasing attention given to flavour. Certification and the need to meet both legal and non-legal requirements pose major obstacles to producers and exporters entering the market. This export to Iran is mainly recorded from Germany. Pineapple exports from Spain in 2018, by EU country Canned pineapple import volume in South Korea 2010-2015 Canned pineapple import value in South Korea 2010-2015 Baby pineapples: ‘Baby pineapples’ are also developing new market potential. Baby pineapples are sometimes also used as decoration. By Weeks. Examples of other food safety management systems that can be required are: These management systems are supplemental to GLOBALG.A.P. The first pineapple greenhouse or pinery was constructed in the Netherlands in 1682, heating up the rivalry between the two nations. This portal is an active B2B website for all Food Suppliers and their products like Food. According to British supermarkets, pineapple was the fastest growing fruit in 2017 with a 15% increase. The origins of those terms stem from the early 1600, when the European explorers of the Americas brought the fruit to Europe, using the word pineapple due to its resemblance to a pine cone from conifer trees. Imports of fresh pineapples into the European market have stabilised at around 900 thousand tonnes in recent years. What client services should you offer European importers of fresh pineapples? Through what channels can I get fresh pineapples from West Africa on the European market? Although the MD2 variety has been dominant in recent years, there are opportunities for other varieties that cater to special tastes or needs (for example, baby pineapples or extra-sweet varieties). Pineapple pits (glass-walled frames) were created in which pineapples were placed and surrounded by horse manure and tanner’s bark.¹. The pineapple fervor traversed paintings and architecture and was reflected in household goods, antiquities, and royal gifts too. This led to the invention of hothouses. Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and China are the main pineapple … And the best part? If the price for pineapples is very high, consumers are more likely to buy other tropical fruits. Pineapples are indigenous to South America. The pineapple made its way to England in the 17th century and by the 18th century, being seen with one was an instant indicator of wealth — a single pineapple could cost the equivalent of … The pineapple market seems to be quiet at the moment. The European production of pineapples has no significance for the European market.