On the other hand, leaving it plugged in and hanging in the air as you ride down the road will make the O2 value read around 21% and that is significantly … But over time it became more and more frequent until one day my SET valve completely failed and blocked my exhaust almost 100% to the point that I barely got home. i … 14,129 Posts #2 • Apr 23, 2010. 7 Answers. Some sensor on your bike has found a fault or has failed. Have you put it in dealer mode and counted the flashes? Many auto parts stores … If you left it on the old pipes and it is not connected to the ECM the FI light will be on because the ECM thinks it has a faulty sensor. FI light flashing 2008 Suzuki B-king 2008 Suzuki... | Posted on Apr 06, 2019 | Be the first to answer 0 Answers Suzuki GSX650F Forum - www.GSX650F.biz > Social scene > On Your Bike > Fi Light is On. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Like all Z-Fi units, stores two fuel maps; On Suzuki GSXR models, it it common for the “Fi” light to illuminate when using the Quick Shift feature. A Forum for the Suzuki GSX650F! Everyone welcome . My F1 light came on my 2008 m109r suzuki the battery was just change out - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Keep an eye out for some ripper reviews that'll be hitting your inbox soon! Now here's the kicker. I fitted hundreds of Scottoiler kits when working at a Suzuki dealership - not only to the GSX650 but to all GSX-Rs and other models which all have the same vacuum pipes and Fi warning light set up with no problems at all. The FI light also doubles as a low oil pressure sensor on that bike too, I believe. Turned it on, FI light was on, turned it off and back on, no FI light. Front cabin light Std Centre cabin light ... Let us know which Suzuki you’ve got your eye on and we’ll send you a list of independent reviews. Replaced the … The FI light poped on while on the freeway so i pulled to the rest stop. To check the function of the individual FI system devices, the dealer mode is provided. Answer Save. MESSAGES. Should i be worried? The one just beside the picture of the oil can and the water/temperature picture. i took the injector out it doesnt appear to be spraying gas. Try disconnecting the battery for 10-15 mins and see if that helps Also make sure your kill switch is not on. Does anyone have any ideas? FI light on 2007 Suzuki GSF 1250 Bandit F1 light comes on after 100 miles goes out after turning the bike off then won't come on until next long ride bike runs fine with the light on @ Posted by tony read on May 19, 2012 It's a 2011 Suzuki GSXR-1000 and had the dealer install a Full Two Bros Black Series one sided short exhaust. reset FI light 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R I have an M109R 07. Regards, Mito500 suzuki 1000 gsxr. The function has two modes, “User mode” and “Dealer mode”. No problem - Suzuki 2007 Boulevard M109R Limited question Kick it back to neutral and let it run for a few minutes and the light went away. Twice this week, about an hr into commute 13/750 throws the FI light on. It wouldn't rev past 6K and topped out at a whopping 60mph (down hill). Get the job done right with our professional ODB Tool! Then it wouldn't happen for months. remowlms. Lv 7. I know it sounds like a Geico commercial but think of it as the very top of … Shift Light pro (SLP) AR Assistant (new) QuickShifter easy (iQSE) X-Tre Power Box (XTRE) FI Tuner pro (FIT) Exhaust Servo Eliminator (ESE) PS Eliminator (PSE) SD Eliminator (SDE) STV Eliminator (STVE) Self Cancelling Flasher (new) Brake Light pro (BLP) ThunderBox (new) Dealer & Workshop tools. The INTRUDER will further establish Suzuki in the sporty segment by giving Young India a unique exposure to Suzuki’s international Intruder heritage. Shift Light pro (SLP) AR Assistant (new) QuickShifter easy (iQSE) X-Tre Power Box (XTRE) FI Tuner pro (FIT) Exhaust Servo Eliminator (ESE) PS Eliminator (PSE) SD Eliminator (SDE) STV Eliminator (STVE) Self Cancelling Flasher (new) Brake Light pro (BLP) ThunderBox (new) Dealer & Workshop tools. The user is able to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and clear them after the repair. Yesterday I was picking up my daughter from soccer (eu football), rode there, parked the bike, left it sitting in the sun about 20 minutes, then we got on and I started it up but the red FI light remained on. Notice I put in neutral at the end of each test. If you need more info to diagnosis it let me know. The user can only be notified by the LCD (DISPLAY) panel and LED (FI indicator light). whats goin on? hey guys , my quad is being a pain in the ass, once started the FI light comes on after about 20 seconds and stays on ,i tried putting it in 'dealer' mode (grounded the white wire with red stripe ) but it diddnt seem to do anything atal . › Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles and ATVs. I just put my quad back together, and when I turn the key it primes but then after its done priming the Fi light blinks once with 2 interval then again. Sometimes when I start up my '06 gsxr 750 the little red light in the lower left hand corner of the dash comes on. DISCUSSIONS. i really hate to ask for help on this but im no mechanic . AA1 Car: Check Engine Light ; OBD Codes: OBD-II (Check Engine Light) Trouble Codes ; Tips. They go off, start the quad and immediately start riding around the yard in 1st, 2nd gear and the light doesn't come on. Suzuki Raider J115 Fi is available in 5 variants and 4 colours. Check carefully that you haven't disturbed any electrical connectors or pipes during your install. I did search but couldnt find. Best practice is to adjust the TPS with the dash at the top and then slowly adjust it down. FI light is flashing 2003 Suzuki AN 400 Burgman the F1 red indicator light flashes on the speedo, how do I get it - Suzuki 2003 AN 400 Burgman question I pulled it back to the shed now and was wondering where to start looking. It comes with the option of a 4-Speed Manual transmission gearbox. Includes an interface module and a PC software, which allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the FI light coming on. where is the plug on a k61000 b/c i took mine seat cowl off and do not see it??? IDK if it'd cause the FI light to come on but it if the TPS is set low it can cause the "herky jerky" problem letting on and off the gas. I thought i had something to do with the oil pressure since i changed the oil couple hours since i hit the road. So do yourself a favor … I'll have bike in N and when traffic light turns green I'll bump the bike down into 1st and the FI light comes on and bike goes limp. 1,202 Posts #4 • Jan 27, 2010. Verify all … Looked up the code (-c00). We'll be in touch soon. Shutting it off will not fix whatever is wrong. When I try to start it, the FI light wont start flashing until after about 20 seconds. The point at where it jumps from the top to the center is the best place to be. Sign up to discuss the new bike and share reviews, information and opinions. The Suzuki Intruder offers a perfect combination of modern styling, features and performance. Access Google Sites with a free Google account (for personal use) or G Suite account (for business use). If the bike senses something is failing, it will go into "limp mode" and you will only be getting 25% power from the motor if the problem persists, so … If not do that. … FORUMS. Its while sitting still at a red light. I would guess you have a sensor unplugged. Maybe i didn't put enough oil. Relevance. Suzuki Motor Corporation warrants to the ultimate purchaser and each subsequent purchaser that this vehicle is designed, built, and equipped so as to conform at the time of sale with al U.S. emission standars applicable at the time of manufacture, and that it is free from defects in materials and workmanship which would cause it not to meet these standards within its useful … View online or download Suzuki Kingquad Manual I retried each test and never had … also, the lights on my power commander III do not light up. Favorite Answer. When I stop and let the quad idle for 10-15sec the FI light comes on and stays on solid in neutral. Page 27 “FI”, have your autho- rized Suzuki dealer or a A. It reads all the FI malfunction codes. Start the Suzuki and verify that the check engine light is no longer lit. Ride back home and it never came back on. F1 light. Your particular bike may or may not have the “Fi” light engaged, but if it does there is no need to be alarmed. Oh, by the way if you ask us, mum was right—you’re a legend. Well, apparently something is going on and the FI light comes on every once in awhile when you get to high rpms. If your FI light is on, you have a problem with the bike. I bought the bike brand new back in March. It came on one morning last week when I started it, so I shut the bike … References. The F1 or FI light is the fault indicator. Suzuki GSX650F Forum - www.GSX650F.biz. And the display will show F1 or FI. Bike was running fine, so I switched power and FI light … Thanks. also my fi light come on for like 10 seconds at my girlfriends house so i cut the bike off and cut it right back on now the fi light is gone and i rode back home and to the gas station and it has not come back on,,,also the bike seems to be running fine . If the check engine light is still on, repeat the above steps. If the check engine light is still on after repeating the steps, this indicates a problem with the system diagnostic controller. I have the same exact bike, and just started having the exact same problem. The Raider J115 Fi Competitors are: Yamaha Vega Force i, Honda RS125 Fi, Honda TMX125 Alpha, Honda XRM125 Motard and Suzuki Shooter 115 Fi. Your ECM does not like the idea of not having a valid input value from that device. Share. Suzuki Raider J115 Fi is a 2 seater Moped bike available in a price range of ₱64,900 - ₱70,900. 8 Posts #4 • Jun 8, 2008. If the light still does not go out, have your authorized SUZUKI dealer or a qualified mechanic troubleshoot your motorcycle. The bike runs GREAT even if the light comes on. You can take the bike to a dealership and have them find out what the fault code is, or there is a procedure you can do to get the fault code: Take off the rear seat, find the … K8 BLK/MATTE BLK 1000-M4 BLK GP -BMC … Share with: Link: Copy link. Suzuki Kingquad Pdf User Manuals. i have a 2007 kingquad 700 the fi indicator light is flashing on the led display it turns over fine but wont start. Moderator:Sleddog. NOTIFICATIONS. 1 decade ago. Turn the key on, let the FI light and low fuel light cycle. This is a by-product of the Quick Shift on most GSXR models. 09-06-2009, 08:10 AM.